10 Reasons For You to Quit Makan Gaji Job

If you have been working makan gaji for more than 3 years you will understand the following points. And if you are fresh graduates, don’t wait until you becoming like us. The 10 reasons are:

  1. you have what it takes to succeed in the business
  2. you don’t like 9-to-5 job that force you to work like a donkey but earn like a monkey
  3. you want to escape the corporate rat race where normally they practice rat-eat-rat mentality to succeed
  4. you want to choose the people you work with
  5. you want to start business with minimal investment
  6. you want to travel overseas every year
  7. you want to work from home
  8. you want to reap the rewards of numerous tax advantage
  9. you want to enjoy the opportunity for unlimited income
  10. you want to have the chance to build your success while empowering others to succeed

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And I think you already know that the current economic model that we live under now is broken. Think of the following statements:

  1. Major corporations, companies are laying off thousands of employees
  2. Half a million jobs a year are eliminated by technology and never to be replaced
  3. The secret to true financial independence is working for yourself
  4. Most jobs are built on working more hours to get more income – This is what we called “trading time for money trap”

Also remember that what Robert Kiyosaki says

  1. If you want to get rich, don’t go to school – what we do here is learning by doing
  2. The rich is looking for network, everyone else is looking for work – In Unit Trust (Mutual Fund), we are looking for network.

Call me 013-3640043 Arif or register online through http://seminar.myunittrust.com

16 thoughts on “10 Reasons For You to Quit Makan Gaji Job

  • Salam.
    Kalau sekali jumpa orang, orang reject, aku dah lemah semangat, boleh ke buat bisness ni? Kalau ada maklumat yang boleh memotivasikan aku untuk boleh menundukkan orang dengan buat unit trust ni… tolong emailkan aku. Lagi satu, highest ROI ranking unit trust apa ye pada tahun 2010, ada sapa2 tahu tolong emailkan aku ye di hajeed@gmail.com

  • hajeed, kalau nak tundukkan orang memang aku ada ilmu khusus. Kau baca surah Yusof ayat…

    Kalau nak tahu, kau sign borang unit trust consultangt dgn Caliph, baru aku bagitau

  • Tq Mr Arif..You inspire me a lot…Could I join your seminar on this Saturday.. Ive been an agent past 4 years..but no any outstanding sales yet :'(

    hope can get your permission to join the seminar,.

  • Thanks for your comment Yasmin. The seminar is for those who want to become an agent. If you want to come, yes you can.

  • Salams Semua,

    I’m part time unit trust consultant

    MY personal experience in this business is being ignoring by people that have negative thinking about unit trust….mostly said ASB/Saham Bank Rakyat & lain2 more better….scare loose money

    That time i just pass my CUTE exam….i doesn’t have much knowledge to answer their question….I start doing research deeply regarding unit trust with my upline & also through internet 2week….

    Alhamdulillah after 1month + have already close 22k sales….without attending any courses like success101,quikstart & ect…

    The solutions is the more you being ignore/questions by people the more you learn…..don’t give up…..

    1. Self confident…& do your research
    2. Think positive always…
    3. Strategy management…is important

    Till now i still do my research….thanks to my upline,Abg Arif, kak azah & others groups member that being support me…..

    I will try my best to achieve my goal target & do full time in this business soon…

    Take care…


    Khairulzaman Abd Kadir
    UTC – Perak

  • En Khairul.

    One question yang diajukan pada tuan berkait persoalan unit trust adalah selangkah ilmu dan skill yang akan tuan perolehi. Kita akan lebih cepat belajar dan matang dalam industri ini dengan soalan-soalan yang sebegini.

    Don´t ever let somebody tell you, you can´t to something.
    Not even me… Alright?
    You got a dream, you gotta protect it.
    People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you that you can’t do it. Y
    ou want something?
    Go get it.

  • The rich is looking for network, everyone else is looking for work – In Unit Trust (Mutual Fund), we are looking for network.

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