30 Apr 2010 is the last date to submit your SD if you still want your unit trust licence hidup…

All unit trust consultant who join before January 2010 are required to submit Statutory Declaration Form (Borang Pesuruhjaya Sumpah) before 30 Apr 2010 to your nearest branch.

What happen if you don’t submit it? You will be terminated and thus all your effort and money spent to take the exam will become useless. And, if in the future you think you want to be active again – may be you have to re-take the exam. So don’t waste your money and energy by only filling-up the form and go to Pesuruhjaya Sumpah. Then pass it to the nearest Public Mutual branch. If you don’t understand kindly call K.Azah 013-3970588.

What happen if you submit it? You can enjoy the opportunity to continue doing the simple business model that can give you time and financial freedom.

You can download the SD form Statutory Declaration for Continuous Eligibility Req here.

p.s Arif Ismail and The Caliph unit trust agency are conducting a FREE seminar to those who are business-minded on how to start your unit trust business every Saturday at Public Mutual Cheras training centre. Click here for detail.

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