5 Important Factors to Consider Before you Join any MLM, Unit Trust or Insurance Companies

I just read an ebook by one of the MLM gurus, Bo and Ty. I can summarise here 5 important points for you to consider before you join any MLM, Unit Trust or Takaful companies:

  1. The Product – must be unique, effective and has a strong brand
  2. The Company Leadership – must have success track record of developing agents’ business
  3. Your Upline Leadership – How they will teach you. Do they combined the offline and online techniques. How they leverage the power of the internet?
  4. Compensation – is the compensation plan fair for new agents as well as seasoned professionals
  5. Timing – is it the best time, good time or bad time to get started with the company

p.s. I am looking for books or ebooks that will help us, the unit trust consultants on how to build our business but unfortunately none in the market (Malaysia as well as globally) that has direct book title such as “How To Build A Multi-Million RM Unit Trust Agency in 3 Years”. Thus, the best thing to do is to search for MLM books and insurance books. Please let me know if you come across any books out there that has direct title on building unit trust business from scratch.

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8 thoughts on “5 Important Factors to Consider Before you Join any MLM, Unit Trust or Insurance Companies

  • Saya rasa elok lah saudara menulis buku berkenaan dan saya pasti ianya akan laris. Belum ada lagi dalam pasaran tu…. Yang pastinya kalau buku berkenaan berada di pasaran, saya akan membelinya…..

  • Salam Aidil Fitri pada sumer mmber MYUNITTRUST.COM… ;P
    (sori la lambt beri ucapan….maklum la sibuk ckit kat warehouse ngan kat umah)

    Saya pun sokong apa yang sedara Hishamudin katakan…
    Maybe bole Abg Arip bole tulis satu buku pasal berkenaannya dgn lebih detail…
    then camane nak bina empayar melalui bisnes ni…cam Irfan Khairi, Irwan Dahnil(akedemisms.com) buatla…
    Insyaallah mesti ada market punyer…disamping membuka minda pada pihak umum berkenaan bisnes nie…

    Apa-apapun Salam Aidil Fitri & maaf zahir batin andai tersilap kata atau terlebih gurau dari saya … Ajumain Ibrahim …

  • Salam hormat,

    Kalau anda berkata The Product, The Company Leadership,Your Upline Leadership, Compensation,Timing salah satu syarat dan terma untuk menceburi MLM, Unit Trust dan Insurance tetapi kita mesti ingat bahawa setiap syarikat MLM, Unit Trust dan Insurance mempunyai masing-masing mengatakan The Product, The Company Leadership,Your Upline Leadership, Compensation,Timing mereka hebat berbandingkan syarikat pesaingnya. Bagimana anda untuk memilihnya. Mereka bukan win-win, kebanyakkan syarikat win pengguna lose.

  • The leader,
    Salam hormat to you too.

    If I assume “pengguna lose” that you said means the agent lose. Then what you are saying is that agents that join many of MLM/Insurance/Unit Trust companies are losing. Yes and No. Statistics in the US shows 97% people that join MLMs fail. Only 3% succeed. So it is YES, agents are losing. Perhaps we must look into why 3% succeed and the rest failed.

    From my reading & own experience, the 97% that failed are those who said words like “I want to build my own business” but they sometime don’t know what does it take to build successful business. How much money and effort to bring up the business. When they meet with some obstacle, they left and find another business. They keep doing this like a frog and never give up being a frog.

    Once you join any business, MLM, unit trust, insurance or takaful – stay there, take your time, give yourself 3 to 5 years and you will see your business flourish InsyaAllah. If it happens that it fails, then you know at least one reason why it is fail and learn from it, then move on. The problem with many people is that they say they want to jump into business but they never take the action. Only say…say and saying. Then they look out for people that fail in the business and give themselves a strong justification not to enter the business.

    Until they see people like Syed Bukhari, Tony Fernandes etc. they again want to be like them but they don’t want to pay the price. Success doesn’t come overnight. We have got to take the first step, then focus on it.

    Bagaimana nak memilih company MLM, unit trust, insurance or takaful? Pilih saja yang you rasa sesuai dengan you dan rasa boleh buat for long term. Then tengok training yang the company and agency buat. Do they have leadership program etc. Then tengok company size and the market size yg dia control.

  • salam…

    Saya setuju dgn apa yang abg arip kata tu…bagi saya simple jer…buat bisnes yang kita suka (maksud suka tu – kita dgn sendirinya berusaha kearah utk mendapatkannya bukan berharap kepada orang lain utk mengajar).
    Dan itu merupakan salah satu kesilapan saya satu ketika dulu …. tidak ghairah mengejar ilmu (bisnes & motivasi diri), terlalu bergantung kepada upline (mlm) dan lemah semangat.
    Namun bagi setiap kesilapan itu ada pelajaran yang perlu saya ambil iktibar. Sekarang dalam biz UT nie…saya just buat jer dulu…pedulikan apa orang kata…insyaallah saya sasarkan dalam 1-2 thn…saya akan sukses…

  • Arif,
    I do agree with you…ramai yang join MLM aka Network Marketing ni nak cepat kaya. mereka ingatkan dalam sebulan akan dapat 5 figures income terus. then bila approach orang, sorang tak nak, terus down..

    kalau ikutkan…pemilik kedai elektrik pun..kalau 10 orang ke kedai mereka…berapa orang saja yang beli kan? it’s same to UT or MLM..when you approach 10 people, to get 3 people joining you is good enough.


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