A balance between Agency Building and Personal Sales for Unit Trust (Mutual Fund) Consultant

Early in the morning 8:20am one of my new prospect agent Huz already arrive at Public Mutual Bangsar to meet me as he missed our Unit Trust (Mutual Fund) business opportunity seminar in Public Mutual Cheras last night (http://seminar.myunittrust.com) . The discussions and interview take a very long time until 11:30 am. Then we eat and eat till 12:15pm. Next Iswan came on 1:45pm to collect his Unit Trust (Mutual Fund) New Consultant bags. We discuss till 2:45pm. I went to meet client till 3:30pm at the most prestigious tower in Bangsar. Drink carrot juice then move on to our office in Cheras to meet new agent to sign his application form. 5:30pm chow back home for kenduri kahwin at my surau.

Quite a hectic day. I am still searching for a system where I can manage these agency building and personal sales effectively. My agency is growing at an average rate of 3 new agents sign-up weekly. I am inviting those who are hungry or as what Huz said starving to join our agency by registering at http://seminar.myunittrust.com

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