Achieving Your Dream While Working For Someone Else

Do you think it is possible to achieve your dream of financial freedom and time freedom while working for someone like working for the government or GLC or multi-national companies or the banks etc. Well, I’ve seen from my team, quite a number of people they start charting their destiny while working for someone.

They initially search on internet about home-based business, then fine tuning into unit trust business and further their search into Public Mutual business opportunity. Do they quit their 9-to-5 job immediately. No. Only a few that have the brave to quit on they Day 1 they see me.

So what the ordinary people do is that, they come to our unit trust seminar at Public Mutual Cheras Training Centre, sign the application form. Within 2 weeks they attend the 8-hour training to prepare them for the 2-hour exam in the next 2 weeks. Then once they passed they exam where the result is immediately known. They can start prospecting for building their business empire already.

Can you imagine how many man-hour to train an engineer so that they can effectively do their job. How much time spent in university and on-the-job training during their career. But in unit trust business, we learn as we grow. And the ilmu can be practiced there and then. So tak basi lah. Imagine the first year engineering subject that were taught, almost none can be applied once you got the job after the 4th  year of your degree. Itupun kalau you ingat the knolwledge tu lagi.

Imagine, you can start building your DREAM in about 1 month to set the foundation. Then if you love the job, you will do it bersungguh-sungguh. Trust me, insyaAllah you will generate an income of 5 figures a month within a year of doing the unit trust business  while working with your existing company. Ultimately, you can quit from the company. But remember don’t make enemy with your friends and bosses in your existing company because they are one of the best prospect for you to grow your unit trust business.

p.s. Arif Ismail and team conduct training every week for their unit trust consultant on Saturday at Public Mutual Cheras. This Saturday 1145am to 1pm, he conducts a special seminar for those who would like to be an agent of Public Mutual. Click here for details.

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