Advise from a friend that stayed in US for more than 20 years on why we need to have our own business

I met a friend and ask him on how to motivate my unit trust agents whether they just want to get into unit trust industry or already became an agent.

I like his advise because it comes from a practising Muslim perspective. His advise is about business in general:

  • first of all why we do business? It is because 9/10 of rezeki are coming from tijarah (business)
  • Saidina Umar r.a said “take care of your business, else you will become in need of …” the complete version is in the book Virtues of Tijarat. I must read this book today
  • In business has barakah
  • It is sunnah and ibadah
  • You can transfer or sell your business
  • The residual income that you will get from your pool of clients

The best quotes from him is “Money should not be in your heart, it should be in pocket” and “Money you get Honey”

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