Agency Meeting 26 March by J-CHI Unit Trust Consultants

Agency Brainstorming by Siti Salehatun JUST
  • 23rd nsc incentive to guangzhou – rooming list and flight details
  • new investor form (individual)
  • exemption from FIMM cute exam for candidates who have completed & passed module 4 CFP (investment planning) effective 1st april

Jas sharing

The 4 quadrant

Urgent+Important –

  • lot of us bz in this quadrant
  • results : crisis,disttrust

Not Urgent+Important –

  • efective person sits here, relationship building,
  • results : clear vision

Not Important+Urgent –

  • cth FB, result – irresponsible, short term focus,
  • results : weak relationship

Not Urgent+Not Important –

  • cth Gosip, lepak minum kopi
  • results : fooling urself : kalau kita tipu org lain kita dosa, kalau kita tipu diri sendiri kita? – rugi.

Market Update
Q1 : global equity market seems allright
Q2 : usd expect to be weak sbb oil price is rising

  • slower growth in China
  • debt issues in Europe
  • malaysia gdp 2012 forecast 4-5%. largest trading partner – China
  • Malaysia GE on may/june – free beez & reports. historically towards GE market will be up

Malaysia – new responsible lending guideline due to concern over rising household debt-to-GDP rsatio 77% in 2011. target malaysia 60%

  • calculate net income
  • 70% loan, 30% own money
  • higher income eligibility & criteria for credit cards application : below 3k per month
  • financial programs by AKPK saturday morning

Fundemental Analysis
Gold trend – downtrend since August
KLCI – market lagged

p.s. Arif and pertama kali dalam Malaysia akan mengadakan seminar how you can do unit trust business within 45 minutes. datang segera SEBELUM seminar ini dikenakan bayaran. Click for details or call/smS Zarif at 010-4203521

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