All Caliph Advisors Shud Attend a Marketing Seminar

Raya Gathering at Public Mutual Cheras last night was great?!!! Ask Raimy, Syed Ali, Yusof proton and Yusof.

Rosli, Raimy and Ali have hinted on the hot marketing seminar that to be held in KL.

I’ve checked their web, and found out that the next available date is 12 Oct at Shah Alam 8pm to 1130 pm.

So for we to grow our unit trust business, I encouraged all Caliph Unit Trust Consultant to register.

So far we have 6 persons interested.

P.s. Arif and the Caliph Advisors invite those who wish to be a unit trust consultant with Public Mutual to attend their seminar or meet them in person. Call 013-3640043 or click for details

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