An evening with Raymond Chan – 15 years as Unit Trust Consultant

Mon 25 Aug 08, I’ve been invited by the company to attend a session by our senior unit trust consultant Mr Raymond Chan. It is good to listen to those that are long in any business that you venture in. We can learn many things from them. They said there is no short-cuts in any thing. But if you can listen to those that have experience before you, or read their book or books about them, you can learn many lessons and avoid many mistakes that they have made along the way. It is also a short-cut in a good manner to learn from others. Thre are many short-cuts that are bad.

Among the lessons learned:

  1. Normal people don’t attend training
  2. The differences between managing people and leading people
  3. Read books about Leee Iococca, John C. Maxwell to learn about leadership
  4. Too much of ego will bring you and your agency down
  5. Rules of 80:20 applies to your agency. 100% of people that join you, only 20% are active. So what to do… Come to our FREE seminar this Saturday 30-Aug-08 10 am at Public Mutual Cheras. Click here to register
  6. Why people join unit trust industry. FREEDOM. You need to elaborate what FREEDOM means to them


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