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This is several photo taken during the tr


This Saturday (11 June 2011) we are calling all Unit Trust consultant to come for the training by Joe Girard student.

The title is “How to Close Every Sale”

p.s. Arif Ismail and his unit trust consultant conduct a weekly training and seminar. Click here for seminar unit trut consultant and join us.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”

~ Albert Einstein

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This is several photo taken during the training
This Saturday (11 June 2011) we are calling all Unit Trust consultant to come for the

training by Joe Girard student.
The title is “How to Close Every Sale”
p.s. Arif Ismail and his unit trust consultant conduct a weekly training and seminar. Click here for seminar unit trut consultant and join us.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”

~ Albert Einstein


How an engineer resign, then became a Group Agency Manager with a leading unit trust company within 4 years

The seasoned wise saying but still hold true ”If there is a will, there is a way”. In anything you do, if you really want it bad enough, you will find the ways, insyaAllah.

I know the engineer very well. His vision is how he can have a very long leave every year. Work 8 months, vacation 4 months, without the boss asking why.

This coming new year. He will share with you on how to resign from a company with some money in hand and also how he build his business in a very short time.

So kalau you nak tahu rahisa-rahsia tu, you can register at or sms 013-3640043. Tapi untuk agen-agen baru je yang belum join Public Mutual la. Kalau yang dah join dengan agensi lain tu, tak boleh lah datang nanti orang marah la dengan ana bila korang nak join caliph agency. Tak dapet den nak nolong.

How you can grow from a Unit Trust Consultant to an Agency Supervisor then to Agency Manager within 2 years and copy the same system to your downlines

So the above is the training title for tomorrow. Title yang lebih mengancam lagi berbunyi “How you can grow your income from RM2,000 to RM10,000 to RM25,000 within 2 years and copy the system to your downlines”. Unlike makan gaji, the best from it is that it takes lesser and lesser energy and time”

With the help of our unit trust agency Caliph Advisors and our previous GAM and collegues in Public Mutual, we tried to revamp our existing tools for new agent when they join Public Mutual and the agency.

The idea is to have a standard system that can be used again and again for new agents to build their unit trust clients base, build their skills and knowledge. The system is basically already in place. We just give a refreshing touch after attending a seminar Marketing Power by Dr XXX a few weeks ago.

Normally we only open it to those who are already our unit trust agents. Tapi di pagi-pagi Jumaat ni, we make it open to those yang ada keinginan nak jadi unit trust agent. They can come 930am to 12 for the training and attend our seminar from 12tgh to 1pm at no charge at all. Register NOW at or call Adam at 017-6996073

Looking for 20 New Unit Trust Consultants

I am long enough in the unit trust business. And experience enough new consultant that come and go. I have seen consultant that produce top personal sales in their first year and then in the second year – no more.

Thus, I am now looking for a more long term unit trust agent that wish to make the personal finance industry their business.

I plan to build these new 20 new unit trust agents to at least can produce RM200k sales a month. Which will translate into RM4000 a month income for them.

When their client base grow, their sales will grow from RM200k to RM400k then RM600k. Thus their income will go from RM4k to RM8k to RM12k. This doesn’t include their overriding commission.

The best about building your unit trust business is that, all these can be achieved in less than 3 years. Imagine how long you will get an income of RM12k if you work with your company. I am talking about the fresh graduate.

Imagine also if you build a business that need a physical office, staff etc. How much money and energy you need to put before the business become profitable.

So if you have a dream, a BIG dream, come attend our unit trust seminar at Public Mutual Training Centre, Cheras Commercial Centre this Saturday. Call Adam 017-6996073 for seat reservation or click for details.

Monday Unit Trust Agency Meeting Notes 12 Jul 2010

To come for the meeting or not to come. To come or not to come. Better do sales or come for the meeting. Many unit trust agents or any other business entrepreneur juggling with meeting and selling at the field.

If  you ever read a book called 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, you will come across with the habit of “Sharpen the Saw’. Meeting is sharpening the saw.

I have heard a story on the BFM radio saying that ada dua penebang pokok balak yang besar. Masing-masing menggunakan gergaji. Ali penebang 1 dan Abu penebang 2. Ali asyik menggergaji pokok tak henti-henti. While Abu gergaji and take some time to sharpen his gergaji then gergaji balik.

Over the time gergaji siapa yang tumpul dan siapa yang tajam. Who can cut the tree faster. Ali or Abu. Who get tired fast and then quit. Abu or Ali.  So that is the analogy for you to attend the meeting.

Monday JUST-Caliph-H unit trust agency meeting notes are as attached. Learn from the street not only from the book.

How many academician teach about business but never been in business themselves. Do you learn more from those who are actually doing it or those who are only teaching about it.

Download the unit trust agency meeting notes here: Brainstorming 12 July 2010 b-w

Arif Ismail and Caliph Consultants invite those who are tired with working 9-to-5 job and would like to track the road less travelled, build their own business and having their own sweet time plus live their own dream.

Click to listen to “how a TV man quit his job and do the unit trust business full time, how an engineer took VSS and start his own unit trust business, how a young grad in an airline engineering stop worrying of finding a job and jump into the unit trust business and many more”.

Only 2 prospecting skills you must know. If you avoid one, you will lose…

Basically, there are only 2 prospecting skills that you must know for you to run your unit trust business:
1. Offline
2. Online

– direct approach or face-to-face
– cold calling
– family & friends
– referral
– flyers
– print and tv advertisement

While many of us have experienced the offline method. We ignored the online strategies because we think it is for the IT guy only. We must think again. This is an area where we can get a bonus and plenty of prospects. I’ll show what are they.

1. Blog
2. Email
3. Social media networking
4. Online advertisement

To know more about this, come to our seminar every Saturday at Public Mutual Cheras Training Centre. Click the seminar banner on the right hand side of this blog for more detail.

p.s. Arif Ismail has conducted a research and apply the online strategies to attract unit trust consultant and clients since 2007.

How to quickly build your client base…

First you must know how to prospect. Then where to prospect. Next, keep doing it.

Once you get an appointment. You must apply the 7-step of selling skills. After closing, don’t forget the after sales services so that you will get repeat business and referral from him. Easy ha…

Basically, the sales cycle comprise of:
1. Approach
2. Appointment
3. Presentation
4. Closing
5. After Sales Service

You do all these over and over until it become part of you. I will write some info on each steps above in the near future.

Some tips from Tony Fernandez is ”be a local champion. Think regional first then go global”. So in doing unit trust business, we focus on our place that we have most influence first like our friends, family or old job place. Then expand it to neighbouring area. Then go nationwide if you wish so.

p.s. Arif Ismail and the caliphs are conducting a seminar on how to be a successful unit trust consultants every Saturday. Call 013-3970588 or register at or click the seminar banner on the right bar of this blog.

How to attract new clients and unit trust agents effortlessly…

Have you read book ”Think Lazy, Grow Rich”? It is worth your time and money. Part of how to attract new unit trust clients as well as unit trust consultants are spelled out in the book.

I will tell you my own experience here. Real experience and proven. I am always lazy like many people. If possible, I don’t want to chase my prospects. I want enough sleep, enough vacation, enough money while I am enjoying my own sweet time.

Do you have the same thinking?

If no, you can always use the traditional ways that many people have done it & still success.

If yes, I will let you know how I attract more than 1000 prospects to call/sms me until I became Top Recruiter in 2008 without having to make a single cold call. The beauty of this techniques is that I have the authority whether to accept the prospect to be my agent or to let it go, overflow to my downline. Thus, make my downline happy because they got free donwline effortlessly.

I can also screen the potential unit trust agent whether they really want to do the business without fear. You know what I mean. When you bring prospect into the business opportunity, you really want them. So you have to persuade them. This technique make the prospect persuade themself before they see me. As a result more than 90% that came for BoP will join there & then.

This technique is true also for attracting new clients. I am testing it now. If you want to be part of the growing team, come to our seminar

p.s. Arif Ismail and his Caliphs are conducting weekly seminar at Public Mutual Cheras training centre.

Happy Birthday to Nor Hazah!!!

I owe a lot to my downline Nor Hazah. In a few minutes she will be xx years old. Happy Birthday to you Nor Hazah and congratulations also for becoming 2nd Runner-up under Top AS category.

I am now at Pantai Dalam and will be away for 40 days in Tawau & Sandakan, Sabah. For anything regarding unit trust you can call her 013-3970588.

If the desire is high enough, you will do everything

Everyone knows the benefits of having their own business. Everyone knows that solah berjemaah is 27 times greater than solat sendirian. But why is that the surau & masjid are almost empty. Why is that not many people building his own business.

When you ask them, you will receive many answers. And most of the answers are plain excuses. The real reason behind all the answers are the desire is not strong enough.

Have you heard people says ”seluar I kotor la. You sembahyang dulu la”. Similarly ”I belum boleh buat unit trust full time, I nak tunggu my commission sama dengan my salary”. These are the example of lack of desire.

Then, how can we improve this. How can we increase our desire. The basic thing that our beloved Prophet teach us is to build our faith, our confidence, keyakinan.

How to build our faith? Simple. Experience it. Yakin the benefit of doing it. etc. etc. Basically the formula of 5i’s is to be observed before you do anything…

We will help build your confidence. Click for details.

You can’t win by being everything to everybody

Try to promote any product or services especially the unit trust, takaful even the MLM products to everybody. Do you think you can do it. Yes, you can but for a limited time. Unless you are the big brother like Public Mutual, who have all the budget to advertise nationwide and consistently plus with big human resources.

You said ” I am a unit trust consultant for the big boy” Why can I do it. You must differentiate between you as an agent and Public Mutual as a fund manager.

You as an agent has two hands and two legs. Also one mouth. If you want to cover everybody for everything in the whole Malaysia. Do you think you can do it. I heard those with “can do” mentality said ooh yess…  Arif. I agree with them too. However, over the time you will get tired to serve your clients nationwide. That doesn’t take into account the cost incurred and the time you spent traveling here and there.

Another things is that those who are new in the business world, will a have a temptation to do many businesses at one time. Serving everything to everybody. Today they do unit trust. Tomorrow they do the MLM. The next day they try to sell filters. They lost focus. You must see Tony Fernandez, Syed Bukhari etc. They focus on one business first until they find the “waters”, then they diversify. So don’t get trap by being everything to everybody.

Arif Ismail is a unit trust consultant that serve only TM clients and their families. He also help the bumiputeras to experience the business world by being a unit trust consultant as he believes the unit trust business is one of the best way to learn business skills without sacrificing your hard-earned money. Can you find any business that you can start immediately with as low as RM250 and get the support from those who is sincere to help you. Call Azah 013-3970588 or click for what you can get on his Saturday seminar.

How to leverage your negativity…

Negativity or negative things that you have or your negative habits does not necessarily bad. We are all human and in no way we are perfect. Our mind sometime positive and some other time negative.

I read a book by a Chinese American “Thick Face, Black Heart”, an international bestseller book. He said that many of the successful people in this world (in his opinion) were not necessarily all positive minded people. His idea is that how we leverage or convert our negative habits become productive in other words convert it to money.

For example if you are a type of people who love to read books, blogs and sit down hours upon hours reading. Forgetting your main business, forgetting your main job scope, then reading like this is negative. He said this negativity can be productive if we can convert it into money, or make other people get benefit from our negativity.

The bad habit above is actually me. Read a lot. Do nuts. So in order to make it a good habit, everytime I finished reading book, I will post a book review in this blog and present it before my unit trust agency.

And below is the first book review that I did. The book was written by Frank Bettger with title “How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in …”. Many of the modern book in this industry was based on this book. He is a friend of Dale Carnegie. If you like reading Carnegie’s book, you will love this book.

Caliph unit trust consultants are all encouraged to download this and implement it. Click the following link to download or open the pdf file. No password is required.

Book Review – How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success

Arif Ismail, Azah and Caliph Consultants are conducting a FREE Saturday 11:00 am one-hour seminar on how you can be a successful unit trust agent. Register at or call us at 013-3640043. First come first serve basis. We can accommodate only 10 participants per session.

Slide 1

How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling

Introduction to Unit Trust

This is the article that  I wrote way back in 2006 and posted it to I write it again here so that people can get to know what are unit trusts? Its benefits etc. So far those who would like to become a unit trust consultant has benefited from this blog. Thus, I wish to expand my readership to those who don’t want to become consultant but would like to invest in unit trust.

What are Unit Trusts?

Unit Trusts are a form of collective investment that allows investors with similar investment objectives to pool their funds to be invested in a portfolio of securities or other assets.

The manager of the fund then invests the pooled money in a portfolio which may include the asset classes such as Cash, Bonds & Deposits, Shares, Property and Commodities.

Benefits Of Unit Trust

It is tough for an individual to maintain his own portfolio of investments, he needs to keep up to date with market information and sentiment.

By investing in unit trusts most of the necessary ‘know-how’ of investing are transferred to those best equipped to handle it i.e. the professional fund managers.

The advantages and benefits of investing in unit trusts are:


A larger pool of funds allows the fund manager managing the unit trust to purchase a wider range of investments. Rather than concentrating an investment portfolio into one or two investments or shares, a portfolio of market securities can be held. The wider the spread of investments, the less volatile (i.e. variable) the investment returns will be. In simple terms, investment into unit trusts means diversification of risk: “not putting all your eggs in one basket.”


Most investors require that their investment be liquid. That is, they can easily buy and sell within a short period of time. Unit trusts provide this benefit, being bought and sold easily. An excellent return that cannot be “cashed-in” (i.e. sold) does not necessarily mean a good investment as poor liquidity constitutes an additional risk factor for the investor.

Professional Fund Management

The people making investment decisions for unit trust holders are professionals. Their training and background ensures that decision making is structured and according to basic investment principles. In the process, unit trust funds enjoy the depth of knowledge and experience that fund manager bring. In the long term, it is this expertise that should generate above average investment returns for unit trust investors.

Affordable and Investment Exposure

For the individual investor, it is sometimes difficult to gain exposure to a particular asset class. For instance, if an investor with USD3,000 wanted to gain exposure to the property market, global equity markets and bond market, it would be impossible to simultaneously hold a direct investment portfolio in all of these markets. With unit trust investments, it is possible to spread your money around to all of these asset classes at the same time, so that the investor can gain the investment exposure he requires.

Wholesale Investment Costs & Access to Investments

When making small investments, the investor faces costs and charges that are much higher. Unit trust funds are investing with large amounts, so that the economics of the transaction are more favorable i.e. the fees and charges/brokerage etc. per investment ringgit are likely to be less.

Also, because fund managers invest in larger amounts, they are able to get access to wholesale yields and products which are impossible for the individual investor to obtain.

Funds for All Type of People

There are many different types of funds that will suit to any level of risk to cater different type of people.

Safe and Secure

Unit Trusts only make investment and do not give out loans thus, the situation where liabilities more than assets will never arise.

More free time

Yes, we have to monitor our investment performance but since the fluctuation of the unit trust fund is not as frequent as stock market and that we have our Professional Fund Manager to look after the investment, we may keep track the fund on a weekly basis. More free time for us.

Attractive Returns

Unit Trust has proven that it is an excellence hedge against inflation. Unit Trust in some countries has shown a return of between 10% to 15%.

My no 7 boy born at Pusat Rawatan An-Nur Bangi

Tak sempat nak tulis blog on my new family member. Alhamdulillah, Allah has given us the 7th boy on 13 Nov 2009. We name him after Umar the second Caliph.

Why the name is so short? I’ve experience putting our first son name very very long and find it difficult to write his name on his school workbook etc. My first son name is Muhammad Luqmanul Hakim and we end up by putting M.L. Hakim on his books, report card etc.

Here is his picture:

the baby of a unit trust consultantDia lahir awal 3 minggu. mungkin nak makan daging qurban kot.

Brainstorm Notes 9 Nov 2009 -JUST unit Trust Consultants


Jas, Nazri,  Arif, Raimy, Hesyam, Shohaimy, Baila, Shima, Azah, Syed Ali, Zarina, Ju, Maria

  1. Wasiat Seminar a succes 30 clients plus 30 unit trust consultants. Presentation materials available with your upline.
  2. Public Mutual seminar unit trust for those who would like to be a unit trust consultant will be held on 24 Nov 09 at Tropicana Golf Resort. Those who would like to attend call me.
  3. Market Update
  • Dow Jones – up beyond 10k level
  • unemployment rate rose to 10.2%
  • can KLCI go up to 1400? see

4. Sharing by Baila

  • Fear & Greedy
  • be fearful when people are greedy, be greedy when people are fearful

5. Tell the direction of the market

6. Sales tracking

  • Raimy target RM400k
  • Nazri target RM300k
  • Syed Ali target RM400k
  • Zarina rasa effortlessly can close RM200k. She want to be monitored. Not everybody can work on his own

7. How to get more clients

  • ask for more referral
  • focus
  • feel hungry

8. Money is just an intermediary. What can you do for RM10k. Don’t look at RM10k. Look at what the RM10k can give you

9. Sales target for the week

  • Nazri RM100k
  • Zarina Rm150k
  • Arif RM200k
  • Shima RM100k
  • Jas RM150k
  • Raimy RM150k
  • Syed Ali RM100k
  • Baila RM100k
  • Hesyam RM10k

10. Booth promotion

  • Ampang Point week 1 of Dec
  • 2 shifts (a) 10am to 4pm (b) 4pm to 10pm
  • 5 unit trust consultant per shift