Bengkel Blog – How Unit Trust Consultants Can Create and Maintain Their Own Personal Blog At Low Cost & Less Hassle

Yesterday 16 Mar 08, our agency myUnitTRUST consultants has conducted a Fundamental of Creating Personal Blog. Over 10 people attended. It seems that we don’t have enough time to complete the whole course in a day. This is a very rare course conducted for unit trust consultants and indeed it is the first one ever conducted professionally to more than 10 people.

We learn how to start the blog from scratch. It depends whether you want to create a free blog or you want to buy a domain name with the webhosting. At the end of the class every participants have successfully created their own blog. They have exposed themselves, marketed to the whole world in a just less than a day, tell the world what they do, what their interest and opinions. The most important things is that they can leverage the internet to expand the business whether to sell product or services.

BUT to the unit trust consultant, they must adhere to the Malaysian Securities Commsion guidelines on promoting the unit trust online.

So how much do we pay for the workshop? Only RM230 for the training plus RM1oo for the domain name and webhosting. Cheap isn’t it. With RM330 we got knowledge and skills as well as domain name & webhosting. Imagine you divide RM330 by 365 days. So you are paying 90 sen a day for your first year to advertise yourself to the whole world. And the following year your pay RM100/365 that is only 27 sen a day on the 2nd year and 3rd year and so on and so on. What 27 sen can do for you in a day? One teh tarik!!! Cannot man … It is equivalent for  you to pay toilet entrance fee at Low Yatt Plaza, Kuala Lumpur. Do you know how much you need to pay for 1 day advertisement in Harian Metro??? ….. RM 1000/day. That is only a day. This blog will be there for 24 hours/day for 365 days. So what RM1000 can do for you in a day. A lot right. You can buy O2 pda phone every day. By the end of the year you have 365 units of O2  pda phone. Interesting comparison.

So we have an underground (not under table ha..) discussion with the workshop provider and agreed to give further discount to my direct unit trust consultants or agents. This is one of the incentive we give to our unit trust consultants to join, stay and grow with us in this dynamic unit trust industry.

So knowledge without action is like you buy an ice cream and leave it in the open air without having (makan la) it. So it will become cair and cair and cair. And finally obsolete. So take action now. Join our FREE seminar at Public Mutual Cheras in Level 2, Cheras Commercial Centre next to Hotel Caliber and Restoran Janbo. Call Azah 013-3970588 or register at

3 thoughts on “Bengkel Blog – How Unit Trust Consultants Can Create and Maintain Their Own Personal Blog At Low Cost & Less Hassle

  • hi ..

    i am actully a PM agent but different group. i am based at Bangsar brnch.i am really interested on this blog creating workshp.may i know if u will be conducting this workshp in de future so dat we could actually share this knowledge together ? TQ

  • i really hope u dun mind sharing this although we are not in de same group but we are still under the same No. 1 Unit Trust Company in de country.. TQ

  • Wan, we need to have more than 10 people to conduct the class. If u could gather 10 people then call me 013-3640043.

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