Brainstorm 21 Mar 2009 – JUST Consultants (public mutual agency)

I’ve set to do 13 rounds jogging, I’ve completed 13 rounds. That is life. You need to set your goal before you start anything.

Saturday, public mutual agency JUST Consultants brainstorming notes:

  1. public mutual updates
    • New fund briefing tuesday 3pm at JSS public mutual training room
    • leaders meeting for JUST group will be after the briefing
  2. unit trust agency activities and updates
    • booth activities continued as previous braistorming notes
    • new activity – All consultants need to call K.Azah. Nazri and Jas will do the paperwork
    • training date and topic are shown at Click Training  & Event Calendar at the top right of the page regularly
  3. Opportunities
    • From trusted source shows that out of so many unit trust consultants, only 10% are active now. What this mean to you is, this is the best time for you to meet all your clients and prospects to build your client base. Think like Warren Buffet, Tony Fernandez and Li ka Shing. While others cut their investment, they instead increase their investment, destination routes and property exposure.
    • The market now is in vacuum. You must grab now. Those who are in the midst of VSS or already being retrenched, what is the best business for you to start with. If you don’t know, come to our FREE seminar
  4. Sales Tracking
    • K. Aishah lead the UTC sales for the week
  5. Market Outlook
    • I’ve attended OSK seminar at Jln Ampang office. Based on the seminar. KLCI is expected to reach 960 by end of the year. 

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