Brainstorm 28 Feb – Just Unit Trust Consultants

Meeting led by Jas. Start 10:10am

  1. Be careful on pukau. One of our friends consultant kena pukau during their booth promotion somewhere at USJ hypermart.
  2. Company warns all unit trust consultants not to involve in head hunting scheme that masking their business with a lousy expensive products. Some other use forex, kambing and even exploit koperasi to lure potential clients and agents.
  3. You can get you Will Writing Services – Amanah Raya, As-Salihin, Wasiah Shoppe, Lawyers and Public Trustee (a subsidiary of Public Bank). Training for Public Trustee will be on 16 Mar 09.
  4. Branch Annual Dinner on 6 Mar 09 at Sheraton Subang
  5. Sunshine Program by company similar to A-Star Program
  6. Ringgit Cost Averaging campaign period end 31-Mar-09.
  7. NSC special case campaign for cash (1.5 points) and CPF(1 point) will end 31-Mar-09. So hurry up. After 31-Mar-09, the CPFcase point will be 0.5 and the cash case will be 1 point.
  8. Jas give permission to ask help from Farehin the PA.
  9. Public Mutual Online service is up and running. So we must register our own first before our clients.
  10. Sales Tracking
  11. Taiping presentation last week – Jas, Kak Aishah, Arif and Hazah do group presentation

4 thoughts on “Brainstorm 28 Feb – Just Unit Trust Consultants

  • Ida,
    Pukau tu macam kena jampi la. Kena hembus pastu diaorang pun khayal. Orang minta duit, dia pun bagi je without knowing.

  • Sekarang nak cerita tentang DISC. Cara pukau yang legal. I believe all our unit trust consultants must go for this training.

    Other option is we do three-person-teaching at Public Mutual Cheras office. 8 people from our group attended the training.

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