Brainstorm 7 Mar 09 – Just Unit Trust Consultants

  1. Comments on Public Mutual Branch Annual Dinner – 3 from the group received the prestigous awards. They are Arif (ehem..ehem), Nazri and Farah. Congratulations to all. The credit goes to all consultants especially Jas that has taught and train us to be a better consultant.
    • Not to forget to all Arif’s agency that help raised him to No 1 Recruiter.
    • Bumiputera consultants had shown an excellence performance for 2008. More than 80% of award recipients are bumis.
    • All photos are available with Jas and Farah.
  2. Stimulus package by Malaysia’s government. What is the impact to unit trust industry?
  3. What are other vehicle besides unit trust that you can invest now? GOLD 
  4. During tough time like this, all consultants are to advise their clients to invest in bluechip unit trust fund. Please come to the meeting or call Kak Azah if you want to know the fund’s name 
  5. Selling techniques using Financial Planning methods is shared by Ida Azerin. Thanks Ida

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