Brainstorm JUST Unit Trust Agency 10-Aug-09

1. Menjelang Ramadhan – jaga amalan agama. Many benefits that Allah will give in Ramadhan. So all unit trust consultants at least dapat khatam Quran sekali in Ramadhan

2. Iceberg Theory – Rajen Devadason input
is like subconscious and conscious mind (7/8 plus 1/8 respectively)
– don’t let you sub-conscious mind be in vacuum, because it will be filled with negative thoughts

3. Buka Puasa with Azizi Ali and Irfan Khairi at MPH 1 Utama 27-Aug-09 and 29-Aug-09 7-8pm respectively. Register with

4. Group activities:
– calendar design: Nazri, Raimy, Juliana & Syed Ali
– sales kit design: Nazri, Raimy, Juliana & Syed Ali

5. UTC survey form – to be completed

6. CPFform
– new CPF9N: effective 1-Nov-09
– scan IC must be cleared in an A4 paper

7. GAM gathering with management – 60 GAMs in the first session

8. Market size as at 31-May-09
rank in ascending order
1. Public Mutual
2. AM
5. Prudential

Market size as at 30-June-09
rank in ascending order

1. Public Mutual RM30.6b = 43%

2. AM



5. Prudential


The growth rate for Unit Trust Management Company
PMB   40.7%  41.5%
AM     12.2%  12%
CIMB  12.4%  12%

What does this mean to you. Public Mutual market share is growing. It is easier to sell Public Mutual funds now.

9. Compare US and China economy
GDP                               USD14T       USD 4.4T
world GDP                       21%             6.45%
Consumer Spending         70%             40%
Savings                      fr 0% go to 7%

From the size of GDP above, China may not beat the US economy, but it can take over Japan economy.

The biggest economy in  the world now, the G3: US, Europe and Japan. In the future it will be only 2 i.e. US and China only.

9. Training on 15-Aug-09 9:30 am to 1:00pm by Jas on Corporate Proposal

10. Market Outlook – use your own judgement. This is a guide only.

Dow Jones – 1 year view: price and volume increase
5 years view: double shoulder formation. Target 12,000 by …

Hang Seng – 1 year: naik but slowing down
5 years view: double bottom formation, target 23,000. It is almost there.
long term view: resistance could be 23,000

KLCI – 1year – price up but volume remain small compared to may 2009
resistance 1200, support  1100
So give your investor fund yang banyak cash: IDF, ISTF, ISSF
Else you split into money Market Fund and Aggressive fund like IOF

5 years – tripple bottom. resistance 1200 support 1170

long term view – will it be a bear really.???

US unemployment rate has reduced. US is on the road of recovery.

11. Weekly Sales Tracking

  • Jas
  • Arif
  • Syed Ali (shared his experience closed 2 clients cash case for more than RM100k)

12. Question and Answer
a. How to switch DDI fund into a more agressive fund.
Tinggalkan RM1000 in the existing fund and keep the DDI. Put the remaining into the new desired fund

b. Retirement Plan

  • How to use Capital Liquidation technique
  • How to use Capital Retention technique

13. Berita Terkini JUST Unit Trust Consultants

  • Kak Aishah in Seremban KPJ hospital – slip disc – Semoga Kak Cha cepat sembuh
  • Kak Simah demam – Semoga cepat sembuh
  • Jamiah dapat anak ke 5 – Congratulation Jamiah


Arif Ismail, Kak Azah and Caliph Consultants are conducting a FREE Saturday 12:30tgh one-hour seminar on how you can be a successful unit trust agent. Register at or call us at 013-3640043. First come first serve basis. We can accommodate only 10 participants per session.

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