Brainstorm Notes 14 Mar 09 – JUST Consultants

Meeting starts at 10:20am led by Arif.

  1. JUST Consultants activities:
    • training schedule for and Q2 09 will be on 11 & 18 april, 16 & 23 may, 13 & 20 june . So all unit trust consultants to take notes and ensure yourself to come for the unit trust business training
    • trainers – consultants who are interested to volunteer, pls contact Jaslinah before 31 march 2009. You must train yourself to become a trainer by doing it. All of us start with zero and gradually develop it by conducting the training.
    • public mutual ongoing booth scheme:
      • KLIAH, Sepang (ongoing) contact Raimy 019 222 7949

      • TV3, Damansara (april) contact Farehin

      • TNB – (May) contact Raimy 019 222 7949

      • UEM KL Central – contact Raimy 019 222 7949

      • Takaful Malaysia – cafetaria RM100/day K.Aishah 019-266 6861 

      • Putrajaya Holdings – K.Aishah 019-266 6861 


  2. Market Outlook –  as per chart shown during the meeting
  3. Public Mutual Updates:
    • DISC workshop: Azah and K. Aishah will attend on 8 & 9 Apr 09
    • Public Mutual Cheras office is under renovation till 30 April o9
      • submission will be at 3rd floor
      • training and meeting will be at 4th floor
      • streamyx hotspot is disrupted till 30 Apr 09
      • Jaslinah and Farehin has moved to new room at 3rd floor. Congrat Jas dah dapat bilik.
  4. Sales Tracking:
    • Promoted from Unit Trust Consultants to Agensy Supervisor: Salihodin Yassin – Congratulations!!!!
    • February Awards: Nazri (AS) and Mazzura(UTC) – will get Personal Money one year subscription – sponsored by Jas (GAM) 
    • weekly sales performance for individual as in the spreadsheet
    • Hadiah buku Money, You and Islam to all’s Agency Supervisor and those who showed an outstanding performance – the recipients are Nazri, K.Aishah, Intan, Zam, Syed Ali, Raimy, Azah
  5. One-Week-Sales Experience Sharing:
    • Nazri
    • K.Aishah
    • Tazudin
    • Syed Ali
    • Arif

3 thoughts on “Brainstorm Notes 14 Mar 09 – JUST Consultants

  • Arif, training handling objections tu buat lepas cuti sekolah la eh?, slalu miss training tuh.
    Esok balik kpg. Nak abiskan buku pinjam dari Arif sabtu lepas sebelum balik kpg. Byk tips dari situ..bagus2.

  • Zam,

    Klu tips tu hulur-hulurlah (kongsila) kat kengkawan sikit. Kitaorang pun nak tau gak…. 😛

  • InsyaAllah lepas baca nanti aku share ngan ko…. baru 1st round baca..baca sambil baring2 he he…aku dah mula menyukai author favorite arif tuh.. 🙂

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