Brainstorm notes 23 Nov 2009 – JUST Unit Trust Consultants

  1. Market Outlook -Dow Jones Index
    1. DJI – one year trend – prices going up but volume is smaller – so what?
    2. DJI – five year trend – support level = 10,000. if we are looking at head and shoulder, the target is 12,000
  2. Market Outlook Hang Seng
    1. 5 years – target is already achieved. If you want to enter China market, go for the fund yang ada organic growth
  3. Market outlook – KLCI
    1. Resistance 1280 > 1300
    2. Support 1250 > 1220 > 1170
  4. Diary & Table Calendar – still boleh order kat any Public Mutual branch
  5. Dress code – read the article given
  6. GAM Ranking – nationwide unit trust consultants Group Agency Manager ranking
  7. Article on CPF CIO vacant since 10 months ago. New CIO will be on board Dec 1, 2009 – excerpt from The Star last weekend
  8. CPF fund size currently stood at RM350b – excerpt from The Star last weekend
  9. Sharing by Farah on Leaders Meeting held on Friday 20 Nov 09
    1. GAMs ranking
    2. AMs ranking
    3. Passing marks for CUTE in the future will be tougher
    4. Now 60%
    5. 2010 – 65%
    6. 2011 – 70%
    7. 2012 – 75%
    8. For existing agents, you will be required to attend training yearly with Public Mutual (10 CPE points). E.g. if your expiry date is 31/3/2010 – you must attend the 10
    9. Minimum qualification to become a unit trust consultant was rumored to be a degree holder but it is reverted back to SPM holder because of the compulsory training that unit trust consultant starting next year.
  10. Sales Kick-off  Ceremony
    1. One World Hotel – 15 Dec 2009 refreshment starts at 7pm (after Maghrib)
    2. Those that are not qualified can attend the Cheras branch event on 16 Dec 2009
  11. Corporate tax for savings in FD – still kena tax walaupun hanya 2.5% profit. 27% of the profit is taxable. Imagine you put RM1mill and you will get RM25,000. You actually get RM18,250 because RM6,750 you have to pay tax. If the company put it in unit trust, the capital gain is non-taxable. The company not only get higher return but also skip the tax
  12. Noripah Kamso on TV: Initial investment:20k monthly RM500 age 29 @ 55 with 9% yearly return, you will get RM1mill
    1. Skim Cepat Kaya now is using seminar in a big place
    2. Mak pinjam duit anak PTPTN nak beli
    3. The same people yang buat Skim Cepat Kaya akan re-package untuk trap orang lagi
  13. Savings & Protection
    1. Design an annuity plan
    2. E.g. age: 30. retire: 55 use critical mass yang diajar dalam kelas
    3. People perception insurance can produce Critical Mass for them. So unit trust consultant must show a plan that can convince them
    4. Capital preservation vs capital liquidation method
  14. Goal Setting Seminar
    1. 18 Dec 2009 Friday Awal Muharram from 12tgh – 7pm
    2. 12pm: lunch @ office (for male UTCs)
    3. 12:30pm Solat Jumaat/Lunch for female UTCs
    4. 1:30pm registration @ office
    5. 2:00pm – 4:30pm Goal Setting
    6. 4:30 – 5pm: tea break
    7. 5 – 7pm Goal Setting
    8. RM20/UTC (other group RM30) by 7 dec 2009
    9. Lunch Menu: nasi tomato, ayam masak merah, jelatah, papadom, dhalca
    10. Teabreak menu: karipap, tea
    11. Venue: Public Mutual Training Centre, Cheras Commercial Centre

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