Brainstorm Notes – JUST Unit Trust Agency

1. Sales Performance for JUST Unit Trust Agency Jul 09

GAM level
1. Jas

AM level (old target RM250, new target RM350k)
1. Farah
2. Baila
3. Arif

AS level (old target RM200k, new target RM250)
1. Ju
2. Nazri
3. Shohaimy

ASP/UTC (old target RM100, new target RM200)
1. Zarina
2. Mazzura
3. Raimy
4. Syed
5. Yusof
6. Aznita
7. K Aishah

2. Surat from SC regarding the ASN/ASB in respond to question from Shariah Commitee of Bank Muamalat. Syariah Advisory Council of SC said that the ASN/ASB does not syariah compliance based on their consideration.

3. Maybank loan for ASB. The BLR is 5.55%. The loan rate is 5.55% – 1.65% = 3.9%. Historically the BLR was 8%. If we compare the return of ASB of 8% and the loan rate of 3.9%. Then you will make profit of 4.1%. But if you think about long term when the BLR is 8% again, then there is no profit.

Loan RM100k for 20 years based on the table provided by the bank.
So your installment is 609 X 12 = RM7,308. Dividend from ASB every year is RM8000. Total dividend that you will get is RM8000 X 20 = RM160k. Plus you get RM100k.  Imagine if you don’t take the money and put the RM609 monthly as your regular savings in any islamic unit trust fund for 20 years, how much will you get.

4. ASM1 – RM10billion fund. Race ratio – 50% (Malay):30% (Chinese) :10% (India):10%:10% (Others). Max investment per person is 50,000 for age 18-55 y.o and 100,000 for age 55 and above.

We can expect the return of about 4% (benchmark MG Security bond performance)
We don’t know whether some portion of the RM10bill is to buy the MGS bond. If yes, then MGS bond will in turn assist the fiscal stimulus package

Package 1: RM7b
Package 2: Rm60b

5. Effective today there’s no more Main Board and Second Board. It is now called main Market. The MESDAQ is now called ACE (access certainty efficiency). The SC would like to increase the capital market in Bursa.

6. SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisiton company) is now allowed in Bursa.

7. Public Mutual Updates
– you can register your public mutual online through where initially you can only register at Public Mutual branch.

– unit trust consultant must now give value added services to your clients.

– new commisions structure for Will writing

– Mr Allan See FREE seminar on “How to sell during tough time” on 4 Aug 09 7:30pm to 10:00pm at Public Mutual Cheras

8. Booth promo at MyDin USJ – a successful event. Close more thanRM300,000

– opportunity to open at concourse in MyDin like what Avon did.

– unit trust consultant who agreed to participate must give commitment

– sharing experience on closing there and then

– all the tips dicussed will be available during the training.

9. Agency Activities
– JUST Family Day (min 50 people) 8 Aug
Kingfisher Campsite
Kg Sg Semungkis

10. Sales Tracking Weekly Performance
Kak Cha  – met 4 clients
Nazri – got 6 new clients by referral. His existing clients made 20% profit and
Zam – closed 1 client RM79k

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