Brainstorming 14 Feb 09 – JUST Consultants

1. Group Sales Target RM6 mill/month –

  • Sales Tracking for Feb 09 Week 1 and Week 2.
    Actual for Jan 09 – ~ RM2mill, Ranking no 14 nationwide
  • ASP monthly min target = RM 100k
    Top 3 ASP – Ajumain, Raimy and Anugerah. Congratulations!!! They get Personal Money magazine subscription for 1 year (FREE).
  • AM Personal Sales minimum monthly target = RM250k

2. Public Mutual Updates

  • NSC Qualifier to register online before 27/02/09
  • Investment Talk 19/2/09 Tropicana 9am 02 730pm
  • Allan See Talk 19/2/09 Tropicana 2-5pm
  • GBOS 17/2/09 Tropicana 730pm
  • Leaders meeting 23/2

3. Good books to read – Money, You and Islam by Zaharuddin Abd Rahman

4. Interim Report of Unit Trust Fund – How to read Ittikal Fund Interim Report

  • Some of your investor read the report. Thus, be prepared. At least, if your clients ask you something about it, you know where to get the info.
  • Contain details stocks that the fund invested. You can show your clients that even though the market down now, the fund manager is investing in a good counter (company).

5. Why meeting is very important

  • all works start with meeting
  • develop one thinking
  • get the energy

6. Educate your clients

  • Compare risk on Jan 08 and Oct 08, and current market. So every 3 months collect all unit for your clients
  • Keep on contact with your clients

2 thoughts on “Brainstorming 14 Feb 09 – JUST Consultants

  • buku “money,you and islam” tu pun ada dlm bahasa melayu : “wang, anda dan islam”. Buku ni mmg bagusla utk kita fahamkan tentang muamalat dlm islam…secara asas. Gaya bahasa mudah difahami.. Klu nak dptkan thru online just surf at Ok. pssst… Act i just try my 5800 for comment in this blog…

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