Brainstorming Notes 18 May 2009 – JUST Unit Trust Agency

Unit Trust Agency Goal Setting1. Articles Review by Jas

  • The monk who sold his Ferrari – Robin Sharma
  • The greatness guide
  • Who will cry when you die
  • Find something within you. If you feel empty inside, find something that satisfy you. Of course the halal one la…
  • Literally paying to own a car
    • Porsche cayenne in UK and Msia (300k and 1mill) due to duty & taxes. Lucrative source of revenue to government. 500 mill cars sold every year in Malaysia

3. CPFChief interviewed by BFM this morning. What lessons learned by Jas

  • Cannot publish as it may be sensitive. That’s why you need to come for the meeting

4. Danajamin by Jas

  • Bond example: PLUS to build highway, issue corporate bond.
  • Danajamin to guarantee the bond as there are many companies are in trouble during recession
  • Part of Malaysian govt stimulus package

5. Lowest common denominator by Jas

  • Courts mammoth strategy
  • Apply to your sales target
  • Apply to your DDI
  • Focus on daily basis sales target rather than your trip target


6. Benchmark – you must have your benchmark of your sales performance similar to what Public Mutual funds benchmark KLCI etc.

7. Badminton Activity

  • 20 May 09 4-6pm @ Sri Petaling
  • 27 May 08 Stadium Badminton Bdr Tun Razak 6 – 830pm


8. Cash Incentive Campaign. Refer to email from the company. It was made known during the NSC. For example if you can get sales of RM20k for the month you will receive an additional of RM100

  • 20k – 100
  • 30k – 155
  • 40k – 215
  • Above 50k – 280 


9. New investor definition. Details refer to email from company.

  • pernah cash tp tak pernah CPF, you persuade investCPF
  • pernah CPFtp tak pernah cash, you persuade invest cash
  • lucky draw (from 18 May 08) for bringing in new investor – towel + Sales Kick-Off event, toaster, oven, ipod shuffle
  •  top 3 new investor akan dapat mystery gift

10. Sales tracking

  • Jas leading the last week sales of more than RM100k/week followed by Shima and Arif
  • Nazri, Zam, Kak Cha and Raimy have shown a tremendous improvement
  • Syed Ali, Aznita and Rozita are beefing up. We know you can do it.
  • Hafiz and Nadia are learning.

11. Goal setting re-visit. All Dubai and Korea target are chunked down into a daily target as shown in the picture above. When we chunk it, we know that it is very achievable insyaAllah. We use the lowest common denominator techniques.

12. Sharing session

  • Arif shares on what Dr. William Tan and Dr. Billy Kuek talk during the NSC
  • Shima shares on why we should not become negative
  • Raimy on badminton
  • Nazri and Hazah on Public Mutual new campaign

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