Caliph Advisor April Top Producer 2013

During school time, our parents always tell us “Study hard… get no 1 or 2 or 3? then u will get a good job. Then what!…

If u keep ur parents words by mapping it into ur business. Work hard, u will also get no 1 no 2 and no 3 in ur business. So work hard and smart. Be the no 1. And the rewards is far more than the no in school.

Congratulations to all Top Producer below. The feeling of becoming no 1 will ignite u n increase ur energy to do more.

Remember the power of ur dream. Take more action…

When you focus, the result will show. Tahniah. Yang masih rasa dia belum membuat sesuatu untuk capai impian hari demi hari. Usaha lagi. Man jadda wa jadda. Siapa usaha dia dapat.




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