Caliph Advisor Event this week!

DID YOU KNOW that if you move a goldfish from a small fish bowl in your home and take it to a lake – he will continue to swim in the same small circle? Why? Because he has accepted the belief that if he swims farther, he’s going to bump his

 nose. He’s always done it this way. Any other way is “impossible.”When you question your beliefs – you question your limitations. If your beliefs serve you – they can withstand the scrutiny. If they don’t survive the questioning – it is time to drop them and replace them with beliefs that serve you. Come down to Public Mutual Shah Alam this Friday evening and change your limitation!

p.s. Arif and CAliph Advisor will show you how to be an agent of a leading unit trust company successfully and become a successfull person plus income 5 figure within 3 years! . We will berkampung at Public Mutual Shah Alam Branch 8pm to 10pm every Friday and Public Mutual Training Centre Cheras from 9:30am to 1pm every Saturday . Kalau rasa-rasa nak jumpa diaorang ni boleh lah call/sms my Assistant Mohd 010-4203521 atau, you can register at

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