Caliph Advisor this week event

Caliph Advisor Event Tonight! Lets Join Unit Trust Power Seminar!

730pm: dinner n solat

8pm to 930pm: Coaching Psychology of Selling & How to Service Ur Clients

915pm: Seminar Unit Trust Power Registration & Start

10pm: Tamat

p.s. Arif Ismail and Caliph unit trust consultants conduct a free weekly seminar on How to Become a Successful Unit Trust Consultant at Public Mutual Cheras and Public Mutual Shah Alam on Saturday 10 am and Wednesday 9:15pm respectively. Belajar Terus dari Agensi Unit Trust Bumiputera yang Telah Mendapat Anugerah Jualan Tertinggi 2007, Anugerah Top Rekruter Bumiputera 2008, Group Agency Manager 2010 dan dapatkan ilmu marketing power online dan offline PERCUMA* anda!. Daftar


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