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How to monitor shares, trust funds

YOU should monitor the company you have invested in by tracking its profitability, earnings growth, gearing and dividend payouts. 

Read the company’s announcements, shareholders’ circulars, annual and interim reports, and pay particular attention to the closing dates of rights issues, warrant issues, take-overs offers.  

Pay attention to corporate earnings, auditor’s report and directors’ interest. Make yourself available to attend annual general meetings to find out how the company is managed and gauge its business prospects.  

For collective investment schemes such as unit trust funds, you should monitor their performance (relative to the objectives of the fund), strategy, reporting and portfolios.  

In addition, you can ask your unit trust agent for more information, including: 

  • Performance of relevant investment markets  
  • Level of volatility associated with return  
  • Rate of inflation 
  • Performance of other similar unit trust funds 
  • Strategies employed in recent years. 
  • There’s no short cut to wealth

    KUANTAN: There is no short cut to wealth, not even via the Internet, advised Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak yesterday. 

    He urged the public not to put their earnings and savings in cyber get-rich-quick schemes which he likened to similar scams popular some 20 years ago. 

    “There are severe and dangerous effects to the schemes offered through the Internet. Your entire life savings can go up in smoke and when this happens, your retirement days will not look that rosy,” he told reporters after officially launching the Malaysian Unit Trust Week (MSAM) organised by Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) at Padang MPK 2 here. 

    Najib said the Internet investment schemes were similar to previous get-rich-quick scams that were so popular during the 1980s such as Pak Man Telo. 

    On whether there were any legal means that could be exercised so action could be taken on the operators who used the Internet as the medium, Najib said the Government would have to look into the matter . 

    Crystal marvels: Najib with (from left ) Pahang Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob, PNB CEO Tan Sri Hamad Kama Piah and Ahmad Sarji at an exhibition showcasing crystal replicas of buildings in the country in Kuantan yesterday.

    Earlier in his speech, Najib said he still received reports of people being duped by the schemes. 

    “Do not think that everything in the Internet is good,” he added. 

    On MSAM, Najib said he believed it was an important medium to create public awareness and education on investment for it would promote wise spending, encourage people to save and invest in schemes such as those offered by PNB. 

    The unit trusts gave good returns and were safe, two important criteria when making an investment, he added. 

    MSAM is held from April 20 to April 29. It aims to promote investment education to the society. 

    Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will close the event on April 29. 

    The MSAM features 184 exhibition booths representing 54 firms and institutions includ-ing PNB subsidiaries such as ICI Paints (M) Sdn Bhd, Chemical Company of Malaysia Bhd, Golden Hope Plantations Bhd and Takaful Ikhlas Sdn Bhd. 

    Unit trust industry biggest in region

    KUANTAN: Malaysia’s unit trust industry is the biggest among Asean countries, said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. He said the industry had gained a bigger market and a wider influence among the people over the past 10 years. 

    “The Government is confident the industry is able to register a more rapid growth with its continuous efforts to launch products for various groups,” he said. 

    Najib said that last year, the unit trust industry recorded an overall increase, with its net assets growing at 23.6% from RM121.8bil. Its fund management rose 29.2% to 164.4 billion units. 

    PNB chairman Tan Sri Ahmad Sarji Abdul Hamid, in his speech, said the Malaysian Unit Trust Week (MSAM) was an important activity for PNB as it would be able to display the institution’s ability to utilise, protect and expand the stakeholders’ investments and eventually, distribute the profits in dividends and bonuses.  

    Group Activities 2nd Qtr

    Assalamu’alaikum semua…

    encl activities & training scheduled for May-June 2007.


    1. Need volunteers – Syllabus & materials provided (can improvise for the better or to suit facilitators)

    2. Month May training a bit cram but if gilir-gilir, shud be ok.

    3. Any further topics to include – welcome feedback

    All invited.

    Usually conducted at Cheras, Saturdays 9am – 12.30pm (unless request otherwise).

    Tea-break provided.

    Training material – usually free unless banyak sangat.

    Group Meet

    Tentative monthly meet for Jas & associates – on Monday (after Azizah’s weekly meet)

    As usual, we’ll have an informal discussion (incl lunch) at selected venue (also open to suggestion).

    All invited.

    Other Developments

    1. Azizah is planning the following :

    ..Biz Preview on a weekly basis (every Wednesday nights) – alternate venues between Cheras & Bangsar branches.

      Please show your support by bringing prospects. Not enough numbers will only backfire the event’s objective (as in the past).

    ..first BOP is 9 May 2007.

    [Jas’s opinion : I do not recruit by the numbers but am blessed so far that my teamates are very encouraging & take UT biz seriously. I will give my support and assistance if it means more production for the group]

    2. Azizah’s Monday meetings

    ..we use to have part meeting & part skill/product training.

    ..I’ve been informed by Azizah that the Monday meetings will be MORE of problem solving & challenges (brainstorming) facing agents day-to-day activities.

    [Jas’s opinion : do attend and bring new agents. Make it a good habit especially for newcomers. After all, we won’t know how long we can take advantage of this session. We may break away end 2007 if all goes well (unwell?) ]

    3. Azizah’s Friday training

    ..Azizah is planning Friday nights SKILL training.

    ..We (Jas & Associates) have done a few “modular” kind of training @ saturdays, and I plan to continue this.We’ll see how it goes in the future if changes are needed.

    [Jas opinion : our modular training materials will enable upcoming leaders to have a basis for training their team. In future, it becomes easier & faster to groom agents. Someday, all Leaders will be GAM and I’d like to part with useful tools & good memories and look back and know that I’ve done enough for my group].

    So, feedbacks & comments welcomed. Pls let me know where you guys & gals can assist.