Confuse with Stock Market Analysis and Unit Trust Fund Ups and Downs?

Some of your clients ask you about what is the market outlook for 2009. Last week it goes up but today and yesterday it goes down two digits.

How to answer your client if you don’t have the basic about stock market analysis as well as it relationship to unit trust.

What about the relationship between bond and money market to unit trust funds?

When the USD goes down, what does this mean to Malaysia economy as a whole?

Even if you already know the answer, you still need to come to this Saturday 20-June-09 because we have two Chartered Financial Planners (CFP) and two Associate Financial Planners (AFP) to help you answer those questions professionally even you are not the CFP.

You can leverage their expertise to become yours without spending RM8000 for the training and certification.

Date: 20-Jun-09 Saturday
Time: 9am to 1pm
Training Topic: Stock Market Indicators (Basic) – Technical Analysis & Fundamental Analysis
Venue: Public Mutual New Training Room Cheras (34-2)
Speaker: Jas the CFP
Fees: FREE for JUST Unit Trust Consultants. Others, please call Farehin 017-3104171 for reservation.


Arif Ismail, Kak Azah and Caliph Agency are conducting a FREE Saturday 11:30am one-hour seminar on how you can be a successful unit trust agent. Register at or call us at 013-3640043. First come first serve basis. We can accommodate only 10 participants per session.

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