Create Blog and Leave it Idle… Rugi Besar.

How to create a blog is becoming easier nowadays. The main problem is how to maintain it. If you think you won’t get a thing maintaining your blog. Then you don’t have the semangat nak tulis.

Kisah benar, by writing a blog alone, I have gathered more than 1100 prospects that would like to become a unit trust consultant. Arif… bagitau la macam mana nak buat.

So tomorrow :-

Date: Saturday 13 Nov 2010

Time: from 930am till 12tgh

Place: Public Mutual Agency Office Level 2, Cheras,

Pertama kali di dalam Malaysia, I akan bongkarkan Rahsia-rahsia Bagaimana dari Seorang Engineer Yang Tak Pernah Buat Sales & Marketing, Yang Buta Unit Trust berubah menjadi Top Recruiter in Unit Trust industry.

Rahsia #1 is how he creates his blog. The most powerful thing is how he writes his blog. Blog yang dapat sedut klien and agen unit amanah.

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