Do you think you have ever achieved any success in your life…

Remember that when you were at Form Five in school. We think taking an SPM exam is difficult. Yet we managed to get through. Some of us with 8As. Then we enter university. Again while at First Year in the university, we cannot believe that we can finish our degree program. Some of you have confidence and some have not. Yet, we get through again.

The psychologist said, remember the success that we have experienced. Think of the time that we achieved the biggest success in our live. Copy the preparation that we did. Apply it to our new endeavour. Whether in our unit trust business on takaful business or anything in life. Then insyaAllah you will repeat the success.

So now how do we achieve our RM 2mill a month Personal Sales target. I will remember how last minute action make me Group Agency Manager of Public Mutual on Jan 2010.

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