Go to school, get good grade, get safe and secure job, buy big house …

I listen to a CD by Robert Kiyosaki while driving to Bangsar. I love it. He talks about the new economy vs old economy.

We have been taught from our kindergarden that “Son … go to school, get good grade, get safe and secure job, buy big house … ” Are you one of them.

Then you follow the same advise but unfortunately, when you graduate, you cannot get the work that you want. Even if you have got the work, fast forward 14 to 15 years later – the company is downsizing, people get layoff, retrenched.

Do you notice that the job security is no longer exist. What exist is only the illusion of job security. Then, why is that people still cling to job security.

So what is the demand for the new economy. Build businesses. So how do you build your business when you know that 90% of small businesses failed during their first year of operating. Thus, you must start small but think big. Start doing business, then you will learn the business skills. Attend seminar, read books and listen to CDs. Hang around with people that are like-minded and business-minded.


Arif talks about the new economy strategies at his office’s training room Public Mutual Cheras every Saturday 11:30am to 12:30pm. Click here for details www.myunittrust.com/seminar



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