How Can You and Me Create 50 Unit Trust Agency Manager?

Yesterday 13 Jan 08, we have conducted Unit Trust Business Opportunity Preview (BOP) from 11 am to 1230pm at our Unit Trust Agency Office in Cheras Commercial Centre and continue from 1:30pm to 400pm for 7 Steps of Successfull Selling training to our new Unit Trust Consultants (or Perunding/Agen Unit Amanah in BM).

We were surprised to the number of candidates that attended the BOP. There were 12 young guys/gals came to our training room under my invitation and all of them are very excited to join this sunrise industry.

So, this morning while having a breakfast with my lovely wife, I start thinking, imagine, visualise, affirm (and all other words that we learned from our Goal Setting Seminar) how if every week we could bring 10 new consultants. So every month we should have 40 potential unit trust consultants attending the seminar (BOP). Now every year you and me could have 480 potential unit trust consultants. What a huge number. To be realistic, imagine out of 480 potential unit trust consultants that came in a year, only 50% signed up. So how many of them? It is 240. And out of 240 only 20% have the courage to be an Agency Manager which is equal to 48. Why I mention 50. The other 2 is me and my partner.

Look and sound easy haa… Yes it is. Thus if anyone in this beautiful, peace, clean country of course Malaysia la… would like to join the unit trust business, we would like to show you the way, the power of leverage and the power of duplication. Click to register or just sms Azah 013-3970588.

We are going to have our 2008 Unit Trust Seminar at the highest place in Lembah Pantai Kuala Lumpur. So don’t miss this opportunity. For those who have heart attack, gayat or else, please ensure you bring your friends along.

Place: Level 50, Menara TM, Jalan Pantai Baru 50672 Kuala Lumpur

Time: 10:00 am to 11:59am

Date: 26 Jan 08 (Saturday) – while other people sleeping, watching TV you come to our seminar. You won’t regret.

Register for FREE: call/sms Azah 013-3970588 or click

Download directions to Menara TM: pdf file

or just view the map below:

Seminar Unit Trust Public Mutual Consultant

The Menara TM building (above) and the map (below) where Menara TM is indicated by C in the picture. Ample parking space at Menara TM on Saturday. You can park either under the building parking lot or legal public parking space in front of the building. If you come with public transport, the nearest LRT station is Kerinchi.


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