How You Can Close RM250,000 Sales in a Week

Whether you can close RM250k a week or cannot. It is all in your mind. With Allah will, human can get all what he wants. Allah is as what you think.

Now, you must find the answer of how you can close RM250,000 in a week.

  1. List your existing clients and find which one that you can close for the week
  2. List your prospect and call them
  3. Ask referral from your existing clients
  4. And so on and on….

So try give 10 answers and take action on it. InsyaAllah you can get it.

This week who can bring in RM250,000 sales will get a mystery gift…

Potential unit trust consultants that can bring in the RM25ok are:

  1. Nazri – try to break your own record
  2. Zam – dah dapat client besar boleh dapat referral from them
  3. Kak Aishah – tengah membara tu.
  4. Hazri the Don – baru join dah close RM50k dengan kacang je.
  5. Raimy – nak kahwin mesti kena take the challenge
  6. Syed Ali – potential youngest GAM
  7. Intan – mesti jumpa existing client yang dah lama tak jumpa


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