How the Malaysian Athlete Take Their Exercise – Apply It to Public Mutual Agency

For more than 3 months, I didn’t visit my eldest brother. Last night me and my wife went to their food outlet at Bukit Bintang for chit-chat and strengthening our blood-relationship.

He is active with cycling team and the chairman of society. I spoke about my jogging that has started for more than a week now.

So he told me his experience practice cycling with Malaysian national team. He said for a start where they want to build their stamina. The team will at first take the time as their parameter to complete their exercise. It starts with 1-hour a day. It is not like taking 80-km a day. It is not about the distance. It is about TIME.

When a week completed, they go for a 2-hour cycling. Then after that they start varying their speed. That is how the professional practicing.

In the same way, the public mutual agents especially the new ones could start by giving their time to see their clients. I would suggest you give 10% of your time for a start every day to see people your prospect. 10% = 2 and a half hours. Then you start increase it to 3 hours. I give 4 hours a day to see my clients.

So in unit trust business or any other business, to develop them we need to develop the behaviour, the pattern. Like in cycling, when they give one-hour every day, they develop their leg-cycling pattern. The more time they give, their leg become familiar with the pattern and they can cycle faster and further within the same one-hour. So as their lung, their breath.

When we go out of the house and our agency office, see our unit trust prospect or existing unit trust clients, we develop the new consultant pattern. The more we give our time, the better we can present to our clients, the faster and the more people we can meet in the same hour.

Remember, first give your TIME. Your skills will be developed.


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