How to attract new clients and unit trust agents effortlessly…

Have you read book ”Think Lazy, Grow Rich”? It is worth your time and money. Part of how to attract new unit trust clients as well as unit trust consultants are spelled out in the book.

I will tell you my own experience here. Real experience and proven. I am always lazy like many people. If possible, I don’t want to chase my prospects. I want enough sleep, enough vacation, enough money while I am enjoying my own sweet time.

Do you have the same thinking?

If no, you can always use the traditional ways that many people have done it & still success.

If yes, I will let you know how I attract more than 1000 prospects to call/sms me until I became Top Recruiter in 2008 without having to make a single cold call. The beauty of this techniques is that I have the authority whether to accept the prospect to be my agent or to let it go, overflow to my downline. Thus, make my downline happy because they got free donwline effortlessly.

I can also screen the potential unit trust agent whether they really want to do the business without fear. You know what I mean. When you bring prospect into the business opportunity, you really want them. So you have to persuade them. This technique make the prospect persuade themself before they see me. As a result more than 90% that came for BoP will join there & then.

This technique is true also for attracting new clients. I am testing it now. If you want to be part of the growing team, come to our seminar

p.s. Arif Ismail and his Caliphs are conducting weekly seminar at Public Mutual Cheras training centre.

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