How to quickly build your client base…

First you must know how to prospect. Then where to prospect. Next, keep doing it.

Once you get an appointment. You must apply the 7-step of selling skills. After closing, don’t forget the after sales services so that you will get repeat business and referral from him. Easy ha…

Basically, the sales cycle comprise of:
1. Approach
2. Appointment
3. Presentation
4. Closing
5. After Sales Service

You do all these over and over until it become part of you. I will write some info on each steps above in the near future.

Some tips from Tony Fernandez is ”be a local champion. Think regional first then go global”. So in doing unit trust business, we focus on our place that we have most influence first like our friends, family or old job place. Then expand it to neighbouring area. Then go nationwide if you wish so.

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