How to repair your CAMS databases when you have download errors

I downloaded my CAMS databases (for those yang bukan agen Public Mutual, CAMS is Clients and Agents Management System where all data about our clients and agents is accessible with a click of a button) last night but after a few downloading, it returns ERROR.

Asking help from IT Helpdesk this morning and I like to post it in the blog so that:

  1. If this things happen to you during non office hour, you just search CAMS in blog and you will get the answer immediately as IT HelpDesk people only work during office hour
  2. Probability that it may happen to me again is high and I may forget the answer that has been given by Public Mutual IT HelpDesk.  So, me too can find the answer easily in blog without waiting for tomorrow morning as it has happen to me last night.

The question from me and the answer from Public Mutual IT HelpDesk:

Arif: Why during CAMS downloading, it returns database conflict?

Public Mutual IT HelpDesk: May be because you have two accounts in your PC and because your incomplete download in the first account then you download the second account. So CAMS get confused. It returns the ERROR.

Arif: What should I do?

Public Mutual IT HelpDesk:

  • Close all applications
  • Delete all files in C:\temp and C:temp1 folders.
  • Then delete files that have your agent code and second agent code in C:\Program Files\CAMS
  • Re register your CAMS by clicking CAMS download icon and then click Register

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