How to scan and close your prospect within 10 mins…

That was the training conducted by Azah and Kak Cha yesterday at Public Mutual Cheras, KL. Bravos Kak Cha and Azah. Both of you have a great teaching skills.

This is the 3-person teaching organized by our agency. Kak Cha and Azah have attended the RM300 seminar on the above topic and voluntarily share it with the group for FREE.

Sape yang tak datang tersangat lah ruginya.

No. 1 because you pay NOTHING. FREE cake, chocolate and drinks lagi. Thanks GAM Jas for sponsoring the foods and drinks. Allah will give you back 10 times more than what you’ve given.

No. 2 is that the duration is shorten from a day seminar becoming a two-hour seminar. You know la.. we are all have a very busy life – family, religious, business and friends. Just two-hour for our business. We spent many hours watching TV a week. Can we spent our two-hour for the benefits of growing our own business.

No. 3, the role play is done by the living example of Unit Trust Consultants not those who are from other industry or who never do sales. Just talk, talk talk.

No. 4, Participation from the multi-background unit trust agents create an excellence environment for learning. Even the senior learn when the new people ask questions. I rasa yang paling kelakar ialah soalan “kenapa kalau agent perempuan datang, client mesti sign je”. Jawapannya: “sebab client nak elakkan dosa. Nanti agent tu balik cepat” Tanyalah kawan2 you, jawapan oleh siapa tu?

No. 5, we don’t know when this course will be conducted again.

No. 6, you can mix with many more agents that you never met before. Learn from each other.

Banyak lagi ruginya sampai tak terhingga nak tulis.

Walau bagaimanapun, JUST unit trust agency menyediakan softcopy training di atas untuk di downloadkan oleh our agents at the Login page of this blog. Password kalau tak tau boleh tanya Kak Azah.

In summary, the training taught us on

  1. 4 temperaments of human being that we need to understand and leverage or exploit it (bahasa kasarnya). They are the Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance.
  2. Sellings is 98% about human beings and only 2% about product knowledge – so learn more about human beings.
  3. Buying Style and Selling Style of each temperament – How can we apply it when we know that our clients are from Dominance type or the rests.
  4. 3 ways to communicate effectively: Vocal, Verbal and Visual. How can we mirror our prospect temperament.


Arif Ismail, Kak Azah and Caliph Agency are conducting a FREE Saturday 11:30am one-hour seminar on how you can be a successful unit trust agent. Register at or call us at 013-3640043. First come first serve basis. We can accommodate only 10 participants per session.

1 thought on “How to scan and close your prospect within 10 mins…

  • Betul tu abang Arif .. memang enjoy class baru-baru ni…this week grooming untuk lady , harap next week ada grooming session untuk man pulak…sapa yang tak datang memang rugi betul , banyak knowledge yang dapat dalam keadaan santai. Masa sesi make up tuh baru saya tau “foundation” tu apa. Lepas ni kot-kot terdesak sangat boleh saya make up wife saya dalam 10 minit…..heee…heeee…
    Congratulation to Kak Azah and Kak Cha for conducting and sharing your knowledge with us on human character.

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