How to think like a leader

A very good book by David J Schwartz – The Magic of Thinking Big. I read quickly the book on the chapter above as I want to develop my leadership and at the same time I don’t have much time to read alot of books on leadership.

A lot of stories inside the chapter made understanding become easy. If I were to share it all, then I would rather write a book.  But I know many of us Malaysian don’t have much time to read book, I summarise it here.

To be a leader you must think like a leader. What are thinking like a leader:

  1. Trade minds with those you want to influence. Or try to think what your audience, your clients or your unit trust consultants want. See things through their eyes.
  2. Think what is the human way to handle any issues. Be human approach make you a better leader.
  3. Think progress, believe in progress and push for progress. Think improvement in everything we do whether at home, in office or in front of our agents and clients. Raise our standard all the time
  4. Spend 30 minutes a day in solitude (berkhalwat) just for thinking to tap your supreme thinking power. Try to find solutions for your personal issues and business issues.


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