How you can qualify to Dubai with only 6 months left…

If you are an exisiting unit trust agent from any agency. First you need to check wheter do you really want to go to Dubai or not.

Next, call all your existing clients and make appointment with them. One by one. Show them their investment status and add values to them. Give a fabuluos presentation, close and ask for referrral.

What you need to do is only close RM24,000 per day. The figure is easily derived as shown below.

how unit trust agency do sales

how unit trust agency do sales

In summary, a month you must see 40 clients (20 days*2 clients) with each client invests 12k per case.  On the second month, you do the same thing. See another 40 clients. Third month pun sama. The fourth month you repeat the first month client list. That’s all.

Do you think seeing 40 clients a month is more difficult than you got to go for work 9am to 5pm for 20  days a month. You can’t take leave suka-suka even though you have completed your job. In the unit trust business, you can even accomplish seeing 40 clients in 2 weeks. Then, what to do another 2 weeks. It is up to you lo…

See you in Dubai.


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4 thoughts on “How you can qualify to Dubai with only 6 months left…

  • Yes Abang Arif… betul tu…
    Betul ke nak pi Dubai? Kena decide! hahaha
    Mulut cakap nak ke Dubai tapi hati nak ke Korea for shopping. haaa…. camne tu? hehehe

  • Ida, betul kita kena decide nak pergi Dubai. So therefore kita kena bagitau goal kita kat kawan2. So diaorang boleh support dan doakan. Kita kena visualise.

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