I love Gmail more than Outlook now. Why…

My wife told me already long time ago. I just ignore it.  Because I am a fanatic user of Microsoft Outlook may be due to:

  1. Contacts data from my hp is easily synchro to my Outlook
  2. Birthday date and all personal data can be stored

Today I transferred all contacts detail from Outlook to Gmail. Surprise to me… it is easier than I thought. All data are intact.

Why I love Gmail now:

  1. When you type your recipient name in TO cell… The email name will automatically filled-up. No more time wasted looking for their email address. You just click from the auto-fill function
  2. My notebook now is using Intel Atom (it is not as fast as Core Duo), so if I continue using Outlook, all data is donwloaded into my harddisk. It will slower my notebook. Through gmail, all data are online. You can view it from gmail server. No need to donwload
  3. Google has many more application like Google docs, google calendar, google map. I think that is the way to go in the future. Microsoft has to start re-think of their business model because google is a threat to them. You don’t need Office in the future because all is FREE using Google Docs.
  4. I can read my corporate email such as myunittrust.com or caliph.my via gmail. You too can read your corporate mail from google with very little setting required. No more worry about Outlook.

Still if I want to synchro my hp contact, I need to use Outlook. If you know how to synchro using gmail, let me know.

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