If the desire is high enough, you will do everything

Everyone knows the benefits of having their own business. Everyone knows that solah berjemaah is 27 times greater than solat sendirian. But why is that the surau & masjid are almost empty. Why is that not many people building his own business.

When you ask them, you will receive many answers. And most of the answers are plain excuses. The real reason behind all the answers are the desire is not strong enough.

Have you heard people says ”seluar I kotor la. You sembahyang dulu la”. Similarly ”I belum boleh buat unit trust full time, I nak tunggu my commission sama dengan my salary”. These are the example of lack of desire.

Then, how can we improve this. How can we increase our desire. The basic thing that our beloved Prophet teach us is to build our faith, our confidence, keyakinan.

How to build our faith? Simple. Experience it. Yakin the benefit of doing it. etc. etc. Basically the formula of 5i’s is to be observed before you do anything…

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