If you don’t take risk, you stay where you are…

Do you remember your friend that don’t want to take risk. A simple example is the marriage. You see your friend that are so choosy for their life partner. They want it to be perfect and don’t want to take risk. “Ala nanti I kahwin dengan dia, dia ni queen control, dia ni kedekut bla..bla..” Last..last tak kahwin-kahwin.

In the same way, you rasa you are underpaid with your current employer. You want to change. You know that your existing company cannot give what you desire. Cannot give flexible working hour so that you can avoid the massive traffic jam 5 days a week. You want to move out. Then some noise whispering at you “ala.. kat tempat baru nanti, macamana you nak buat. kat sini gaji you dah tetap. Kurang2 ada duit cukup bulan. Jadi unit turst consultant belum tentu”

If you follow your negative thought, dont want to take risks then you will stay where you are. 3 years, 5 years down the road you will still hear the same people say “Dia orang ni tak patut la bagi gaji kat I banyak ni.. Kalau I buat bisnes 3 years ago, I pun dah meletup macam Syed Bukhari…”

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