If you want to sell well, you must know your product inside out

You must have heard people say product is 10% and attitude is 90%.† I totally agree with that. Then why you say you must know your unit trust product inside out.

When your attitude is 90%, there will come a time that you want to know more about your product. Don’t get me wrong here. We must know our product bukan sampai kita jadik financial analysts.

Robert Kiyosaki and Azizi Ali always said that you must do what you love. And love what you do. If you love selling and marketing unit trust then you must know your product. How come people say they love their wife but they didn’t know what their wife wants, hates etc.

Similarly, how come people say they love selling unit trust and yet they know nuts about it. What they love may be the money that unit trust business can give…

So, if you love doing unit trust business you must know your product well. By knowing your product well, you will gain confidence. When you are confidence insyaAllah it will be easy to explain and convince your client to buy.

Your unit trust client and your prospect also will see you as an expert in unit trust funds rather than do the lip service.

We just completed our Product Knowledge training 10am to 12pm today. See you next Saturday

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