In 30 days a month, how many days you set aside to think and act about your Heaven…

Do you ever think what you have done for your business or your job again and again in the same cycle everyday. Where do you think we go after that.

Have we prepare for the day when people cry or have to cry because we left this world. And how long do you think they will feel sad, sorrow because we are no longer in this world. I think the most is one week.

Do you remember when is the last time you visited your friend kubur? Or you never visited them. That is what will happen to you and me. Even the relative also, berapa kali yang mereka pergi ke kubur kita atau ingatkan kita.

When we die, life for our family and friends goes on. They go to work as normal. So, we are alone in the grave. Have you think what is inside the grave. Have you prepared.

Take 10% of your day in a month to go out from thislife cycle and think about yourself, think about where we will go and think about other people also how they will go there.

The real life is the after we die as we don’t have to work, we don’t have to go to toilet. We just received what we have done in this short world.

So, I am off for 3 days in Shah Alam.

4 thoughts on “In 30 days a month, how many days you set aside to think and act about your Heaven…

  • Sesuatu yang amat baik dan positif untuk pagi jumaat yang mulia ini. Semoga kita semua diberkati dan dirahmati di sepanjang hari jumaat ini. Amin.

  • Salam,

    People will always be busy. In no time no one will remember you anymore once we died.
    So, 3 things, imparting beneficial knowledge to others, upbringing soleh & solehah kids, and amal jariah.
    These will ensure our accounts still ticking even if we’re already down under.

  • Kak Cha,
    Betul tu. tak ingat lah pulak tulis untuk hari Jumaat. Good idea jugak untuk tulis pasal agama hari Jumaat.

    At least orang yang tulis tu pun dapat mengingati Allah.

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