Interviews with some of the Achievers during Public Mutual NSC and AAN 2009

Bright faces, handsome and beautiful were at the AAN and NSC in Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa. They are all achievers. Public Mutual celebrated them.

I take this opportunity to chit-chat with many of them and from time-to-time I will share it with you. How the successful do this unit trust business that we can learn, copy and multiply.

I met Kahar and her wife from JB. Chit-chat with them. They are one of the top AM in JB.

AI: Hi Kahar, remember me. We attend a training together?

Kahar:  Ingat. Tahniah … jadi Top Rekruter.

AI: Terima kasih. This is your wife.

Kahar: Yes. Emm.. Fauziah..We  do unit trust full time together.

AI: So when are you becoming GAM.

Kahar: Insyaallah. This month.

AI: Good. Before you join unit trust, you kat mana.

Kahar: I dulu Polis and Fauziah is a lawyer..

AI: What a different backgorund.

Fauziah: Kita tak pernah involve in marketing or sales. We just do it.

AI: Wow.. dahsyatnya. Your sales and your group sales pun power jugak kan. How do you do your agency training?

Kahar: Kita buat weekly and kita buat sendiri.

AI: Waa.. great… (diringkaskan cerita). Thanks Kahar. See you tomorrow for the dinner.

Lessons learned:

  1. People who succesfully do unit trust business come from wide arrrays of background
  2. Even without knowledge and skills of sales & marketing of unit trust, many people succeed. Why? because they just do it. Wake up and do it.
  3. Many of unit trust consultants are husband and wife partner. When they succeed, they share together. Don’t forget your spouse.
  4. Product knowledge is secondary. The behaviour is of most important. Like Nazri have said, the WHY is more important than the HOW. The DESIRE to succeed will find you the HOW. Just do it.


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4 thoughts on “Interviews with some of the Achievers during Public Mutual NSC and AAN 2009

  • how do we do unit trust as a partner (husband and wife ) share the accouht or agent code or how?

  • For husband and wife partner. One of you take the exam first. Close sales of RM30k, then you can start recruiting your spouse. So that you are under one team. The overriding commission will be belong to the first one who take the exam. Else, your spouse commision will go to me or to who is your upline. Ehem.ehem…

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