It is not about HOW, it is about WHY…

I am with one of my friend who is interested to become a unit trust consultant with Caliph Agency.

While waiting for the registration of becoming an agent at Public Mutual Bangsar, I draw a picture of human brain and explain to him about the concscious mind and the sub-conscious mind. About thinking positive and negative. About thinking whether you can or you cannot. Your sub-conscious mind will accept anything without filtering. So why on earth we want to think negative.

I also tell him about the WHY and the HOW. Studies show that it is not about HOW to do something that make you succeed. It is about the WHY.

Have you heard about Tony Fernandez working with an airline before he bought AirAsia and fly high? Have you heard about Ray Kroc cook the burger and then bought McDonald? No right.. They come from nowhere, out of the industry and then fly very very high.

Similarly, whether we are engineer, marketer, accountant or ahlil musik… We can become a successful unit trust consultant if our WHY is strong enough. insyaAllah.

The overly used quotes: “If there is a WILL, there is a WAY”. The WILL is the WHY and the WAY is the HOW.


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