It is time to muhasabah, how much you earn for 2010 and …

… how much you want in 2011. Whether you like it or not, 2011 is coming. Whether you are still single, or still have not achieve your New Zealand trip. Time is clicking non-stop. Time wait for no man including woman.

Imagine if your salary is RM3000 per month. If you divided it by 30 days. It will be equivalent to RM100 per day. Do you think you are worth only RM100 per day. The Indonesian labourer can get as much as RM80 per day doing contract work like build house and so on. They don’t have a degree like you. They didn’t go to university like you.

Why the difference is only RM20 per month. Your brain is better than them. This is the real world. World doesn’t care whether you have degree, PhD or what… See Bill Gate, Dell, Branson even Syed Bukhari (Malaysian story). They all don’t have degree but their income are more than the majority of us the degree holder. Why?

Because they have the Determination…. Biar dibuang university, tak pe. Biar disaman tak pe. They continue on catching and living their dreams…

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