JUST Unit Trust Brainstorming Notes Dec 08 (Week 1)

1. Company Updates:

  • PIBF dividend 1c/unit and PFEDF 0.35c/unit
  • Asset Allocation of fund

2. Industry Updates:

  • Malaysia OPR (Overnight Policy Rate) reduce to 3.25% and thus BLR (Base Lending Rate) also reduced from 6.75% to 6.5%
  • Currently banks has yet to reduce FD rates. If FD rates reduced, then UT become more attractive
  • New funds: Prudential Emerging Market Rate and OSK Income AlphaFund – both are fixed income funds

3. Market Updates

  • KLCI market analysis (as shown during meeting)
  • US 1-year trend – consolidation, 5-year trend seems like it will be tougher for DJ to climb back to 10,000 points
  • HK Hang Seng 1-year trend -chart shows the trend towards apex. A good sign.

4. Other factors

  • political issues like PKR target date for Sarawak on 2Q 09 and Umno elections on Mar 09

5. Group Activities

  • Training for 2009 dah tutup
  • Brainstorming: 15 dan 22 Dec 2008
  • Goal Setting Seminar: 29 Dec 2008
  • BOP
    • 6 Dec 08: Arif
    • 13 Dec 08: Nazri
    • 20 Dec 08: Jas

6. Recession 2009 Strategy from spam email

  • Keep your cash
  • Position yourself for market uptrend when economy is falling
  • Start buying

– so what? read any email that you received with open mind and you must analyse it – from whom, always ask the question “so what”

7. A story of Warren Buffet – live simple life, make money not for himself alone (85% of his income go to his foundation), buy and hold forever. Again we always need to ask so what?

8. Cold Calling challenges: many new agents feel uncomfortable to do cold calling. Is there any other ways. For new agents, yes we have to build our clients list. There are many ways doing that besides cold calling:

  • face to face
  • become a speaker when you give free talks/seminar
  • write your own blog etc..

9. d-Solution program – a software that can monitor all major unit trust fund in Malaysia. Good to have it. You can have a preview of the software with Farehin

10. Sales Kick-off event – Unit Trust Consultants yang nak attend

  • Jas
  • Arif
  • Farah
  • Baila
  • Ju
  • Shima
  • Bg Din
  • Jameah
  • Intan R
  • Intan S
  • Arni
  • Abd Hafiz
  • Raimy
  • Suhaila

11. Goal Setting Seminar – Du-It Program 2009

  • A total of 73 people will come to our unit trust goal setting seminar on 29-Dec-08

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