JUST Unit Trust Consultants Brainstorming Notes

Venue: Public Mutual Training Room 2 Cheras
Time: 5:00pm

  • New agent introduction: Hafiz, Nadia and Zurida
  • 2009 Trips: Bali, Seoul and Dubai. Go for it 900k, 1.5m and 2.875m
  • SWOT of our team –

Strength: Mix background,strong market analysis, financial planning tools, training, logistic and teamwork.

Weaknesses: Energy, Consistency.

Opportunity: 5.1 million active CPFinvestors – RM300bill, Rising market demand, FD market RM300bill.

Threat: Insurance, UT online

  • Tough time, if peope say you can’t do it, why make you believe that you personally can’t. You must believe you can. No one can stop you
  • Market Outlook 2009 Seminars: 23 Dec 08 – How to pick up value stock @ Menara Asia Life (behind Ampang Park)
  • Booth promotion – Subang Terminal 2, Sime Darby and Shah Alam Stadium Selangor Ria
  • Top Producer per category for JUST Unit Trust Agency: Jas (GAM), Arif (AM), Hazah (AS), Suzana and Zam
  • Market analysis:
    • US market – USD 700b or USD 1 trill fiscal stimulus – govt have to balance out the economy. Thus the govt all around the world are spending a lot of money to mitigate the slowing economy.
    • For you to understand the policies to control the economy. 1. Fiscal stimulus or policy that can be used by the government (there are two ways: increase/decrease tax and govt spending). 2. Monetary policy that can be used by Federal Reserve or Bank Negara (there are two ways: increase/decrease interest rate and amount of money in the market)
    • Why US is under recession but their currency goes up. Because of supply and demand. Somebody is buying
    • KLCI – investors did not realise that market was good from 2001 till Jan 2008. 7 years of good time. But when they feel the downtrend of less than a year between Jan to Dec 2008, they forget. So again you have got to think long term. Imagine if the market goes up again 1500 from current 853 points. Tak kisah lah if it takes 3 years. It goes up.
    • Hang Seng market – going uptrend. So for China funds yang you all ada, you don’t need to switch out for now.
  • Metafizik techniques: to understand you, your spouse, your consultants and clients.
  • Corporate Presentation techniques: Feb 09

4 thoughts on “JUST Unit Trust Consultants Brainstorming Notes

  • TAHNIAH ARIF kerana dapat mengekalkan lagi TOP RECRUITER setakat ini. Harap dapat mengekalkannya sehingga hujung tahun ini. TAHNIAH juga pada AZAH kerana dapat naik no 3 top recruiter.

    Bagi sesiapa yang berminat untuk menyertai kami, sila hubungi kami. Sabtu ini our Group Agency Manager(GAM) akan buat BOP di Cheras. Sila tempah tempat anda segera. Sila hubungi saya di (019) 2192072.

    Untuk Arif, selamat berangkat, insyaAllah untuk tahun depan kita akan buat kerja lagi kuat.

  • Arif dah tampal ke gambar Arif kat Top Producer punya brochure tu Arif? Azam for next year eh, mesti keluar kat dlm brochure tu he he 🙂

  • Zam,
    Hari ni nak tampal masuk kat dalam my goal book. Engkau dah ada goal book ke belum. If not, engkau mesti adakan sebelum goal setting seminar 29/12 ni.

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