Just Unit Trust Consultants Brainstorming Notes

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Venue: Public Mutual Training Room 2 Cheras
Time: 10:00am

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    r giving me this great opportunity to write in his blog while he is away for 45 days.(macam cuti bersalin pulak, he..he). So, to Just Consultants who attended the Brainstorming session, please give your comments. I really appreciate your comments.

  • Market analysis, there are not much changes from the previous week:
    • US market–it seems recovering but it hasn't cross the line yet.
    • First thing when Obama in the White House is to create 2.5 million jobs and willing to spend USD 4 trillion mungkin satu petunjuk that the economy will recovering soon, harap2 la..
    • KLCI– It goes up, because of year end –window dressing. Hopefully it will justin bieber pictures songs … READ MORE justin bieber pictures ’s DUI case has been delayed again as prosecutors and the singer’s legal team need another three weeks to work on a plea deal. close 900 points, ada chance tu.  You must differenciate between economy mobile casino outlook and stock market. Normally, the stock market is ahead of economy by 6 months.  Normally, stock market recovery is between 12 months to 18 months.  Now, 12 months have passed.  So, next??
    • Hang Seng market– Is also going uptrend…, dah slowly going out from bearish mood.
  • Those yang nak attend 'How to analyze Bear Markets and prepare for the next Bull Campaign' by Ahmad Abdullah on

    17Jan 2009 @ NextVIEW Investor Centre, KL. Contact person: Coreen/James 03-27709388. Fees: RM500 per person, but early bird(register before 9Jan 2009) RM 380.

  •  Jas and few consultants attended a seminar organized by the company. Jas shared on the
    Malaysia stock market trend based on research done by them, 10-year cycle.

  • peak ( ve)       Aug 87, 1997, 2007 (Jan 08)

    bottom (-ve)    1978, 1988, 1998, 2008

  • Dot Com Bubble 2000, Den Zanger started investing US10000 and get US40million in one year, by using the time cycle technique and indentify the growth stock. Amazing huh…

  • Goal Setting Seminar on 29Dec 2008 @ Level 2, Public Mutual Cheras.

Dah finalise dah, for group

1 your registration mula 8:30 am and group 2 will started at 12:00pm.

Dress: smart casual..

For those yang dah booking will get email from Farehin soon regarding some exercises that you have to do earlier before you come to the seminar.

Jumpa disana yek!!


Jangan lupa kepada sesiapa yang berminat nak join Seminar Keusahawanan Unit Amanah, (percuma)this week, 27Dec 2009 @ Level 2, Public Mutual Cheras. Jam: 11:00am. “> Do call Hazah 013-3970588 or register online through “>http://seminar.myunittrust.com.