Learn from Donald Trump on how to be successful in unit trust business

When we were in Los Angeles on July 2012 for the annual challenge trip, Raimy one of our Agency Manager in Public Mutual said that he admires Donald Trump a lot. And he said what he learnt from him is that if you want to be successful in what you do you must:

  1. Love what you do
  2. Keep doing it even though orang cakap you gila

So, in anything we do we must love doing it. Otherwise, we might as well find another job or another business. Can you see successful people around the world? All of them love what they do.

Tiger Wood loves golf, David Beckham loves football. If they donít love it, they cannot play until become champion. They donít find excuses. They donít blame others or weather. They didnít complain.† They take 100% responsibility.

If you blame your boss, you blame management, you didnít take 100% responsibility. You are responsible to your life. You are responsible to your children education, you are responsible to your wife to give shelter etc. When you blame others, you pass the power to them.

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