Lesson learn from Jaslinah our lovely GAM…

Jas, Shima and Farah attended the Marketing Power seminar last Saturday.

They become more energetic during Monday brainstorming. Here is what she summarised what she has got during the seminar.

5 factors to understand either you are new in the business or already veteran:

  • Cari biznes yang selesaikan masalah orang – unit trust is one of it.
  • Give value added services, products
  • Share our expertise kita wajib share dgn org. Tell the whole world that Arif and Caliph Consultant are conducting FREE weekly seminar on unit trust. Let the whole worlkd know
  • Find the niche – find your nest.
  • Database is king – find ways to sedut the database

p.s. Arif is providing his clients an investment report almost monthly so that his clients know what happening to their investment. He conducts a FREE seminar on how you too can service your unit trust client by leveraging the IT and internet. Call/sms him at 013-3640043 or click here NOW www.myunittrust.com/seminar for seat reservation or meeting him in-person.

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